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21 Cliches that Prove Ravi Shastri is Unburdened by Commentary Talent

ravi shastri funny commentary

If I wrote an article like Ravi Shastri writes his commentary scripts, I’d be sued for plagiarism. Why? Sample these gems from the Shastri factory:

  • The ball is gone like a tracer bullet – And so goes the good old art of inventive commentary.
  • That takes the aerial route – It’s time for you to follow.
  • And the news from the center is… – That Ravi Shastri the Commentator is past his sell-by date.
  • In the end cricket was the winner – Poignant! That could make Ultron cry.
  • He’s thrown the kitchen sink at it – And we have thrown in the towel. Quit. Now.
  • At this stage all three results are possible – Oh.. … Ohhhh my goodness me! You Einstein, the lesser us could not see that coming.
  •  He’s dealing in boundaries here – And we are counting just how many times you have used exactly the same words, in exactly the same order.
  • Edged…and taken – Yeah, return to pavilion. You.
  • The finger has gone up – Now you go up, up, and away.
  • No half-measures here
  • He’s no mug with the bat
  • This will go down to the wire
  • Will do his confidence a world of good
  • The odd ball will keep low
  • That would really set the cat among the pigeons
  • That’s sweetly timed
  • It’s funny how in T20 cricket one over can change the game
  • The atmosphere is electrifying
  • That’s just what the doctor ordered
  • He’s flashed and flashed hard – I’m not even gonna start with how infested with sexual innuendo this line is.
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