At LeisureMartini, we offer opportunities to experienced writers, greenhorns as well as businesses looking for collaboration to write for us in order to diversify their portfolio.  If you’re someone who has ideas and interests that overlaps with ours, and you feel your article can speak to our audience, we welcome you to submit a post with us as a guest writer. Our readers have been an indispensable part of our success, and we’d like to draw them a bit closer by offering them a platform to write for us.

Life does not operate within a single niche. Our content diversity reflects that.

Write for us page of the fashion and lifestyle blog that also serves up content on travel, movies, health and wellness for 20 somethings

Besides, we get a lot of requests by writers across the world and thus want to make it easy for them to approach us. If you are passionate about writing and have the chops to write interesting articles relevant to our website, you can get in touch with us at

Who We Are

LeisureMartini is a lifestyle blog for 20 somethings and beyond. Our readers are people from all walks of life and belong to a diverse demographic, making LeisureMartini a truly cosmopolitan digest. Touch base with us at

As a highly sought after lifestyle blog, LeisureMartini packages great reads on topics like men and women fashion tips, travel tips, articles around entertainment, movies (Bollywood and Hollywood), politics, technology, humor, poetry and even the offbeat trends in health and lifestyle industry.

LeisureMartini Categories That You Can Write For Us on

Let’s give you a closer look into the subject matter and themes that you can pick from to write for LeisureMartini.

All Things Life

Life is what you make of it, just like the name of this category. We have very specific categories and niches for the different topics, as you can see below. But there’s side to humans that doesn’t have to restrict itself under a label, that can’t be pigeonholed to a category.

All Things Life is for those musings. So, if you have something to say, a thought in a line or a para or a 3000-word article that will help you express yourself but don’t care about a category it goes under per se, just write it up and send it over.

You write your feelings down. Let us worry about the logistics.


Are you an expert, a professional, or just a regular person who happens to know a great deal about dressing up, dressing down, looking good, and not looking good, not looking good and still being able to carry oneself?

Good. You’re welcome to be a part. Let me waste no time in letting it out – We don’t have a restrictive definition of what clothes or which body shape looks beautiful.

If you have an open mind, you can choose any topic – be it on slender bikini babes, or hottest plus sized models, or generic topics where you include all without categorizing them as slim or plus sized, black or white or brown or Hispanic.


Passionate write-ups about personalities who, like gathering storms, arrived and changed the world as we knew it. This category accepts articles on personalities that have inspired you and us. Let us make it clear – They do not have to be public figures. If your dad inspired you and you can spin up a great article on your journey, be our guest.

Movies and Entertainment

At LeisureMartini, we love movies and movie people. If you share our passion for movies and also happen to be glued to whatever is happening in the world of global cinema and your favorite celebrities, hop right in.

You can write movie reviews, your views on the controversies, your views on a particular celebrity or an incident, or anything that sounds compelling but is written without resorting to sensationalism.

The movie theme is a particularly huge theme for LeisureMartini and we accept a wide range of articles within this theme. If you are a movie nerd and have the chops to write up great articles, drop right in.


Poetry and utterly random lines that make a splendid affair with soul and romance. We are confident that you now have a pretty good idea of what this category is supposed to be about.

Do not get intimidated by those lengthy pieces on Modi or Shahrukh Khan or tips to stay healthy. If there’s a poet in you, we would love to meet you.

Listicles on Everything

True to it’s name, it talks about best of the best.. of everything. This category accepts lists about the best of the best or just numbered articles about things you like to talk or information you’d like to impart to others. It can be articles on technology, health and wellness, politics, etc.

That said, it doesn’t have to be restricted to the “best” theme. If you have some wisdom to share in pointers, that can also go under this category if it does not fit any other categories.


Here, we are offering you an outlet to pour your feelings out. You may choose to write on politics and we may disagree with your ideology, that doesn’t make a difference.

Every artist – be it a painter or a writer – wants a medium through which they can get their feelings and opinions on people or events or the world affairs in general out. They may be controversial or borderline boring. It hardly matters to us. If you can articulate your views on things that matter to you well in words, you are most welcome to write for us.

This is your canvas, draw whatever shiz you want to.

Tongue in Cheek

Humor, to be taken with a pinch of salt. Just send us anything that is funny. Offensive, cute, old-school, modern, outdated, chic – if it’s worth reading, we will publish it. Just to reiterate, do not worry if it’s not politically correct or something you think the millennial and boomers won’t like. We are as old-school as we are modern.

If our musings section gives you long lasting jolts of melancholy, without any maudlin impulses, the Tongue in Cheek category aims to tickle those funny bones. If only a bit. Leisure Martini is focussing to grow into a robust content writing group that learns and develops together as an inimitable resource for the content industry.

Health & Wellness

We have quite a few people who send in their expert opinions on this topic. We do not accept articles that promote drugs or steroids. So, if that’s going to be your angle, spare yourself the effort.


Everybody loves and travelling and we know you are no exception. Just don’t let the memories of your favorite trip to that place of your – or somebody else’s – choice slip away. You may have captured a few of those in your camera, time to capture them for eternity in words by choosing to write for us.

Just to be clear, you don’t have to write only about those exotic places. If you had a memorable experience just stepping out of your house to the nearest neighborhood, we and our readers are more than happy to hear about it.

Wine Wisdom

Not that we promote alcoholism, but this is a leisure blog, after all. What’s leisure without a glass of wine!

Apart from your truly, we do have writers and wine connoisseurs who have expressed interest in penning down the heartfelt love they feel for their favorite poison. So, if you are also one of those, or if you are someone who has just started out, let us know. You may have something to say that we should hear.

So, Would you Write For Us?

At present, LeisureMartini is a virtual group rapidly making our presence felt online. If you want be a part – one-time or a regular contributor – just shoot us an email at

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    Leisure Martini
    My name is Amoi Pall from UK,wigan.I am a guest writer having 5 years experience in web content and article and blogs, recent I saw your website through google, its have good posts, So I want to post some topic like kids entertainment and bouncy castle,content will have totally original and unique,

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    I appreciate the fact that you are accepting guest posts. I would love to share my content on your website.

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    I’m intrigued enough to want to write for you. I work as Creative Director at Leo Burnett, an advertising agency in Mumbai. I’m 40, single and live alone. And am up for writing candid, irreverant stuff on man-woman relationships.Last year, I published a book of poetry called 45 ml that you’ll find on and Also you’ll find all the poetry published on Do tell me if the nature of my writings which I would describe as funny, irreverant and quirky interests you. I’d like to do a dating-relationship-man-woman blog/series of articles if that’s okay.

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