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We’re happy to know you want to write for us and yes, we do accept guest posts.

An online aggregation of happy times, LeisureMartini packages great reads on topics like men and women fashion tips, travel tips, articles around entertainment, movies (bollywood and hollywood), politics, technology, humor, poetry and much more.

Leisure Martini serves as a lifestyle blog for 20 somethings and beyond. Our readers are people from all walks of life and belong to a diverse demographic, making Leisure Martini a truly cosmopolitan digest.

Our focus is to provide our readers with great value – be it for a fashion idea, or opinions over movies or social issues, or even a casual read.

Looking to Collaborate?

If you think Leisure Martini’s values and themes are closely aligned with your business or blogging interests and want to collaborate, you can get in touch. We have a far-reaching readership and impressive rankings (DA and PA, if they mean anything to you!) The one word that sums up our guidelines is ‘quality’. If you think you can deliver on that, you have one foot in the door.

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  1. Hello,
    Leisure Martini
    My name is Amoi Pall from UK,wigan.I am a guest writer having 5 years experience in web content and article and blogs, recent I saw your website through google, its have good posts, So I want to post some topic like kids entertainment and bouncy castle,content will have totally original and unique,

    If you agree please let me know how can I post form your website

    Thanks & Regards,
    Ampi Pall

  2. I’m intrigued enough to want to write for you. I work as Creative Director at Leo Burnett, an advertising agency in Mumbai. I’m 40, single and live alone. And am up for writing candid, irreverant stuff on man-woman relationships.Last year, I published a book of poetry called 45 ml that you’ll find on and Also you’ll find all the poetry published on Do tell me if the nature of my writings which I would describe as funny, irreverant and quirky interests you. I’d like to do a dating-relationship-man-woman blog/series of articles if that’s okay.

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