Top 5 Cheesy Pickup Lines that a Designer Uses to Impress

Top 5 Cheesy Pickup Lines that a Designer Uses to Impress

Next time someone walks to your coffee table, with all made-up swag, and tries to get a little cheesy, don’t stop him just yet. Let him swing that whacky one liner at you to bowl you over. You know you are in for one hell of a ride if someone with a creative range – that varies from imaginative to crazy – is trying to play the pick up game on you.

Engineers have their own quota of pickup lines that they call ‘Engineer boi trademark flirting’ and so do the designers. A small difference being, with designers it is pretty much gender-neutral and they want more than just to get into your pants – they want to get into those deep pockets.

So, here’s me presenting some greedily cheesy lines a designer would come up with. The top ones that can either make things right or set them straight are:

Cheesy pickup lines that designers use

1. You are my inspiration, can I copyright you?

What to do: Get up, turn back, run!

2.  If you were a logo, it would be for a really premium brand.

What to do: Smile, wink, and tell him that’s why you aren’t either available or affordable.

3. If you were a tool, you would be a pencil cause you draw me.

What to do: Alright, alright. That kinda got you!

4.  What’s your refractive index? You seem to absorb and throw light at the same time.

What to do: This one is a photographer’s favourite. Tell him you are not human and he is likely to act all the more cheesy. Smile and he will smile back. But what you instead gotta do is to stay put.

5. From an eyedropper to the palate to the canvas, that’s how you were made – picture perfect.

What to do: Uh Uh! You really have no idea what is he talking about. No! You weren’t made like that. Don’t give a lesson in basic bio. But tell us, can you stop giggling at his nonsense?

A designer infatuated is like a designer inspired. However, a designer using lines to impress is either a budding one or someone smitten enough to defy common sense.

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