5 Steps to Manifest Your Magical Moon Fairy Made Out of Resin

5 Steps to Manifest Your Magical Moon Fairy Made Out of Resin

Hello, artsy people. If you are reading this blog you probably find yourself looking for some DIY ideas for home decor. Must say, aesthetics are a good investment for everyone. And when you get to buy beautiful art decor at affordable prices, the investment comes with sweeter returns.

Lovely home decor is easily available online and you can easily find the inspiration to design the kind of space you like from social media websites like Pinterest. The remaining work is just about ‘add to cart’ and ‘order’. Curate your decor from various artists and brands big and small, and there you go – your dream space is on wheels being shipped to you.

If that’s how you like it, so be it. However, if you are more or less like me, you like to do everything decor on your own. Starting raw. An artsy person at heart who gets a gazillion ideas lighting up like bulbs as soon as the lights are off and the night draws upon, I like filling my days with colors, sparkle, mdf, epoxy, crushed glass, and whatever I can get hold of to make something pretty. I manifest magic with my art. For my own little space and for a big dose of dopamine.

Here’s what I have recently thoroughly enjoyed making – magical resin decor – or as I call them magical moon fairies. I teach you, in five very easy steps, how to get started with resin decor and make yourself some super exciting resin decor items that you could gift or adorn your own living space with. 

Here, I let the door swing open into my magical world of resin/epoxy moon fairies. See how I make them come alive.

5 steps to manifest your magical moon fairy made out of resin

Step one – Gear up

 If you work with chemicals like art resin or art epoxy, or even with spray paints and varnish, you must always have the safety gears on. Wear plastic gloves and a N95 mask for items that you can complete in under one hour. For bigger resin decor pieces like tables or huge resin geodes, you need a better mask to keep the chemical fumes at bay. In that case, opt for a 3m mask.

Step 2 – Have your supplies ready

You’ll need art resin. Brands like Granotone and Epoke are good art resins available in India. You can source these directly from their website or from amazon. You’ll also need a silicon mold of the shape of a moon fairy, a moon cat, a moon werewolf, or a moon reindeer. These are also available online. Last, you need some totally artsy, crafty material of choice. It could be glitter, it could be alcohol inks, it could be glow in the dark resin pigment, or even dry flowers.

Step 3 – Conceptualize – Do you want to play around with the ocean theme? Would you want something that adds more pop to your tiny indoor garden? Or, would you like a mini botanical world spurting in your moon fairy decor? Vizualize your theme. I’ve given some examples with pictures of mine. You could use them for inspiration. Just don’t copy, please! 

Step 4: Prepare your resin

Different resins have different mixing ratios. The resin and the hardener that come together as a kit, need to be mixed exactly in the proportion as mentioned on the brand’s bottle. For example, Epoke art resin needs to be mixed in a 3:1 ratio. So, for 90 gms of resin you need to mix in 30 gms hardner. Keep this accurate, always. Otherwise your resin will never cure and you will never be able to get the item ready. Ratio is the magical spell. Typically, for my moon fairies (basic ones) I need resin (45 gms) mixed with (15 gms) of hardener. 

Step 5: Manifest the magic

If you want to create a blue and silver moon fairy, take two cups with the desired amount of (pre-mixed resin and hardener in them). One cup would contain the resin you need for the moon part and the other cup for the fairy part. Now, the moon would require more of the mix than the fairy so you can do your math or use your gut to divide the mix in two different cups.

Cup 1 For the moon – If you choose the moon be of silver then add 1/10th of a teaspoon of mica silver color in the resin, hardener mix.

Cup 2 for the fairy – Add a pinch of blue mica color to the second cup with the mixture in it.

Mix the colors/pigments thoroughly in both cups. Mix till the pigment is not clumpy anymore. You’ll see bubbles popping at the top everytime you mix. Torching will be of aid. 

Now, pour the silver mixture on the moon part slowly and the blue mixture on the fairy part. Cover and leave aside for 24 hours.

Additional tips ( some interesting stuff ) – Suppose you feel like adding some more elements, say some blue dried flowers to the silver moon, wait for the base to cure completely. Then, add your flowers on the moon and just a thin coat of resin to get the flowers stick in place. When this layer cures, do a top coat. Voila! Your moon fairy is now in full bloom! 

Take a look at some of the interesting concepts I’ve done so far using an easily available moon fairy mold for resin art. Tadaa!

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