Too Soon To Tell

Too Soon To Tell

I met a girl at my office just two days after I got dumped.
She was like super pretty and I immediately got stumped!

I was not over my ex when I started with the interaction.
“No, I still love her” was my initial reaction!

Was this a test my love had to go through.
Or was this nature saying, “So,you got dumped, boo hoo”!!!

I keep thinking that should I try and win her back.
Or should I try for the new gal, coz boy she is smack!

I would always love my ex I swore,
but the new gal’s smile is worth dying for.

My eyes only see her face,
worsening my already bad case!

From my league she is so out,
I might have fallen for her without a doubt.

At my office I met a new girl,
She’s still making my mind swirl!!!


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