Faces we all Make for the Shutterbugs

Faces we all Make for the Shutterbugs

Ready for a snap? Say cheese. Well, all might not like to say that word, and would prefer eating eat.Facial expressions, or rather camera etiquettes, are a window to  your personality (just the same wayin which your eyes are to your soul). So if you want to know yourself better, bring out those crazy photographs and watch your made-up face carefully.

THE DUCK FACE: The obsession of all girls on Facebook, the duckface is a darling of the attitude bombers. Yes, they’ll bomb you with that oh so pouty pout. Dared by the extreme of classes: the babes or the wannababes, a duckface is something that we all come across every now and then. Do you have one in your album?

THE STICK-OUT-YOUR-TONGUE FACE: It’s a face for the fun times; a face when you are feeling a little ecstatic and a little naughty. You know you won’t stick out your tongue and wink in a camera when its a family photo. This is definitely a must try with your best of buddies. BFFs come closer and say..umm nothing!

THE DUTCHEBAG FACE: When you see the douchebag in a photo, for a moment you might think -Woah! ICY cool. But then, you might think – such a jerk, makes us all look like meek monkeys. The doutchebags are confident people who like to bring out a very ‘YO’ expression in their clicks. ‘Play it up. Rock on’, is there mantra in front of the camera.

THE SIMPLE SMILE FACE: The socially conscious people who like to go by tradition are always ready to pop out their 32 teeth in front of the camera for a nice click. They want to look good and are never really sure about throwing a duck face around. So, they play it safe with a simple smile.


THE AWKWARD FACE: Imagine there has just been a tiff between you and your brother. And the very next moment, your parents ask you to give a hand-in-hand cute kiddie photo. Irritating isn’t it? Now one of you is happy about the click. But you there – you don’t want to show your puffy red face anywhere. But you can’t save your ass from your parents who are giving you that stare. So you manage to give a sober ‘non-smiley’ face. Pheww, what a task!



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