Best Handbag Brands That Every Woman Must Know Of

Best Handbag Brands That Every Woman Must Know Of

Handbags are an integral part of women’s fashion. You must carry the perfect bag with your outfit to make a great style statement. It is important to know about the best handbag brands that cater to the fashion sensibilities and needs of women. The best brands are known for their innovative designs, trendy styles, and durability. 

Check out the 5 best handbag brands that have a wide range of high-end designs to suit the needs of both modern and classic Fashionistas:


Ginger by Lifestyle is a fashionable and affordable brand that you must know about. They have a great collection of handbags designed for women of all ages. Some of their bags feature decorative zippers, tassels, intricate weaving, floral cutouts, beautiful embroidery, and satin scarf detailing. 

The handbags are durable, spacious, and fashionable. You can choose between backpacks, hobo, tote, handheld, and shoulder bags. They are available in a wide range of colours and sizes. You can carry them to work, shopping, casual outings, and weekend getaways. 


CODE by Lifestyle is a great handbag brand for working women. The brand specializes in monochromatic bags that are appropriate for the office. The bags have multiple compartments to let you carry all the important files and essentials. 

You can choose between a vast range of solid colours and minimalistic designs. The bags are durable, elegant, and have interesting closure mechanisms. 


Baggit is one of the best handbag brands due to its reasonable prices and trendy designs. Their bags are stylish, multi-functional, and long-lasting.

Whether you are a college girl or a working professional, you can find the perfect bag. The bags are made of high-quality canvas, faux leather, and other fabrics. You can choose between a great range of vibrant colours, abstract prints, and chic designs. 


The best handbag brands manufacture bags for every type of woman, starting from a housewife to an entrepreneur. Lavie is one such brand that offers a plethora of bag designs that can fit easily into your everyday life. You can choose between hobos, totes, baguettes, slings, and clutches in gorgeous colours. 

You can carry a colour blocked bag when you are attending a party. Monochrome bags are ideal for the office, whereas a bright sling bag will be perfect for an evening date. 


Caprese is one of the best handbag brands that is endorsed by celebrities like Kareena Kapoor Khan and Alia Bhatt. You can find handbags in an exotic range of colours that will match every occasion and mood. You can choose between olive green, turquoise blue, lavender, gold, and burgundy. 

The bags are feminine, glamorous, chic, and durable. You can carry them to business events, parties, and vacations. 

These are some of the best handbag brands that every woman must know to stay fashionable throughout the year. You can head to the online store of Lifestyle and check out the stylish bags of these top 5 brands. Make some great additions to your wardrobe so that you can always step out in style no matter what the occasion is. 

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