5 Ideas on How to Renovate a Backyard into a Beautifully Designed Oasis

5 Ideas on How to Renovate a Backyard into a Beautifully Designed Oasis

Dozens of research studies have proved that the cure for the stress induced by our fast-paced lives filled with deadlines and urgent tasks is to spend as much time in nature as possible.

As a lifestyle blog with a health and wellness slant, we also believe that being immersed in silence and surrounded by lush greenery helps regain calm and composure, which is why renovating your backyard into a garden can work wonders for your mental and overall health.

Outdoor recreation is not within easy reach for everyone since not all of us live near a park or a forested area.

To get a good daily dose of nature, you can, however, create your relaxing oasis at home, right in your backyard. To this end, you can roll your sleeves up or hire professionals from a place like Memphis landscaping and tree expert that can take load off your shoulders.

Here are some essential tips on how to do it. 

Start a Small Garden 

How to Renovate Your Backyard into a Beautiful and Relaxing Oasis

This can be the first step to renovating your backyard into something beautiful and calm.

The thought of a relaxing oasis is interlinked in our minds with the image of lush vegetation and thriving nature. Nothing relaxes us more than being surrounded by plants.

If you want to create a calm and serene environment in your backyard, you can start a small garden, with plants, flowers, herbs and even vegetables.

Although a small garden will require consistent attention from you, gardening is satisfying and rewarding on multiple levels. The process itself is relaxing, and the opportunity to pick up fresh vegetables and herbs for your meals will encourage you to adopt healthy eating habits.

If you prefer only decorative plants and flowers, you can choose iris or wisteria. 

You can hire professionals to landscape your garden or you can use your creativity in designing your space. Add sprinklers to maintain the plants and grasses, and buy durable outdoor furniture for long-lasting functionality. Install landscape lighting to showcase the best features of your garden and enhance the security of your home. In the evening, the FX Luminaire will help create the perfect ambiance for sipping a glass of wine as you unwind after a long day.

Integrate Natural Elements 

How to Renovate Your Backyard into a Beautiful and Relaxing Oasis

Our minds are adapted to prefer irregular shapes and forms. This is the reason why nature with its varying shapes and colours is so effective at conveying feelings of relaxation.

Thus, our ability to relax increases when we are in an environment as close to nature as possible. Although plants play a major role in creating a natural oasis, there are other elements you can incorporate with great results. A backyard renovation enabled by nature is just the best kind of renovation.Just be sure to protect your beautiful garden with garden fencing to keep wildlife from digesting, or simply damaging the growing splendor. 

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Think about the four main natural elements – water, fire, air and earth – and play around with various ideas about how to integrate them in the design. For example, a fountain raises humidity, refreshes the air and adds a soothing background sound to your backyard. A small pond can also be a good choice. For the fire element, you can include a fire pit. 

Don’t go for expensive store items when it comes to decoration. Choose instead colourful stones with interesting shapes, rocks, crystals, candles, seashells or any other element that inspires serenity and calm. If you want to create some pathways, use flat stones.

Create a Meditation Zone 

How to Renovate Your Backyard into a Beautiful and Relaxing Oasis

Meditation is an efficient way to reduce your stress levels, improve your mood and eliminate distressing thoughts. Renovating your backyard into a place of meditation is a highly sought-after idea.

The benefits of meditation expand when you do it in a dedicated space where you can enjoy quietness and serenity. To create your private meditation oasis, enclose the space with plants. Add wind chimes, holistic objects and any other items that will make the space look more serene. 

A water feature can improve significantly your perception of the space. The sound of running water dilutes external noise, and being near a fountain helps you fall easier into a tranquil, meditative state. With so many outdoor wall fountain options, you can find one that matches the general design of your backyard. 

Choose Comfortable Outdoor Furniture 

How to Renovate Your Backyard into a Beautiful and Relaxing Oasis

This tip might seem unnecessary at first, but if you want your backyard to feel like an oasis, you need to be comfortable when spending your time there, yet the perception of comfort can differ depending on the types of activities you enjoy.

Turn it Into a Lounge Area

If your idea of relaxation is reading a book, a hammock could suffice. However, if you want to have meals and drinks with family and friends in your backyard, you need a proper lounge area. Renovating your backyard through simple replacement or procuring of specific kind of furniture is a step in the right direction.

How to Renovate Your Backyard into a Beautiful and Relaxing Oasis

If the size of your space allows it, you can combine various items to create a comfortable seating area.

Make sure to place benches, chairs and tables in the shade so you can enjoy the place for most of the day.

You can also add a swing or a chaise longue. Remember, however, to keep the furniture minimal as overcrowding the backyard will undermine your goal of creating a nice, relaxing retreat. 

How to Renovate Your Backyard into a Beautiful and Relaxing Oasis

Having your private natural oasis to unwind and spend peaceful moments with your family can improve your quality of life and motivate you to adopt many healthy habits.

You can meditate or exercise outside, which is always more rewarding than in a cramped interior. You can grow plants and flowers and develop a closer connection with nature.

Although setting up the place might require some time and effort, the results will bring you lasting joy. 

So, How Are You Renovating Your Backyard?

You will never fall short of ideas when it comes to redesigning or renovating your backyard. You just have to pick the one that you feel fits the space you have got – and of course the resources one requires for a thing like that.

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