Strange Love Thy Power Finds Me, Again

Strange Love Thy Power Finds Me, Again

In the comfort in a lover’s embrace

When you find the blessings of HIS grace

That’s being lucky in love I’d say

Asleep in amour forever I’d stay


But then even love has its own strange ways

It often fades into a daze


With dawn it showers a fresh new start

You chase love again

For you’d never let it part


The noon arrives to feel the void

Of the tender touch you feel devoid

Yearning for his arms again

You walk across moors and terrains


As evening draws a curtain blue

You count the stars and your lovers true

The faded smile returns like light

With fate and hate you stop to fight


The night is its darkest hour

And once again you’re charmed by a star

The heart purrs straight from the open scar

Strange love thy power is never far!

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