Reasons To Get Married NEVER

Reasons To Get Married NEVER

While it might be a temptation hard enough to resist, but if you have your reason that’s good enough to stay single, WHY NOT SIT BACK AND STAY HAPPILY UNMARRIED. Sure, it’s a divine experience to dedicate your love and life to someone. But, what if that someone was to be your own self? Sometimes ‘I don’t wanna ever get married’ is just a phrase stemming from apprehensions. But quite often, it is a sure enough thing one would ever take back his/her words back for. Here are some good enough reasons to say NO to marriage:

Is it Really a ‘Happily Ever After’?

Let’s put it without masking; marriage is no fairytale. It is a routine and most fun you get out of it is when you spend a hefty sum on the wedding dress. Granted, the honeymoon might be worth something if you are not busy catching up on each-other’s years gone by. Two years down the line, it becomes too difficult to hide anything about the next 24 hours. And THAT is the trouble!

Me Becomes We

When it’s is about sharing losses that often arrive in spades, the ‘Me becomes We’ thing is more than welcome. But when it is about the gains and the money and the bed and the furniture and the cat and the bathroom and the towel and the UGs(arrghh), it kinda becomes too much. Damnit where is the space? And the hygiene?

It is a Contract         

Since, it naturally is of a legal nature, it is meant to discipline anything of a free social dimension. It is an artificial interjection that limits love. Marriage may not be for you if you are someone who holds a reason to reject any contractual obligations in a very natural world. In fact, at the first place, are someone who doesn’t believe in obliging love.

You Never Really Know

They say there is a certainty in life and love when you get married. That’s the last thing you could expect out of marriage though. You are neither sure about your life entirely remaining yours (see point no 2), nor can you be sure about the whole lot of love that you are missing out on (see point 3)

You Never Get to Know The Limits of Your Love

Okay, so there might be a number of people who would deny it out and out – but its a personal belief that marriage puts brakes on the pouring out of unadulterated love on your significant other. Love gurus would suggest you to add some spice to your miserable married life, but how do you make sure that ‘talismanic’ spice remains spicy for an eternity?. And how would one make you feel loved with an intensity that thy aren’t is not capable of nurturing within themselves? never feel the same love twice from the same person(and count yourself in that).

Note: To those who feel that marriage is a stage of life where you and your partner’s dreams speak in near-unison  – whether you think radically or romantically – the truth is that marriage is nothing more than a social obligation. If it really were a free world, you could get hitched to a tree and live a life happily ever after (the mangliks in India are even made to do that!). Otherwise, accept that adjustments (that you aren’t keen to make) are the very fiber of marriage.

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