Spacing Out

Spacing Out

I’d never thought I’ll be so near
That distance I’ll be made to fear
And yet I take the slightest chance
Step closer in a joyous prance

Like a childlike innocence of the dove
Like raindrops falling from up above
Letting love overpower the troubled gut
Closer with time towards love I strut

It’s a bell I’d long resisted to chime
Given up upon the fairy-tales with time
I’d think sublime was just a word, not a feeling
That it’s always painful, never healing

To look at someone and think of a dream
Surreal, t’would seem

I’d push you far
You’ll pull me near
In our duet the world would cheer

The dance would end
And so would the trace
Of the trust in each that we’d placed
So I’d go on, walk with a space
In a crowded world, I’d budge for my place

I’d look at adieu
Smile and turn away, giving no clue
For I know its the distance we celebrate
In time,in space, and of a certain fate

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