Reasons Why Diamonds Are Not A Girl’s Best Friend

Reasons Why Diamonds Are Not A Girl’s Best Friend

Those brilliant little (or big) rocks of diamonds fail to allure – and I can say that without any guilt in my gut. Not sure whether to believe me or not? To gain a little trust from you, I’ll disclose that there is not a speck of diamond dust on me. Nope! Not even those earrings that I so religiously wear to office.

Is the price that’s bothering? I guess no. Is it the size that matters? Well, too small are too invisible for anyone to bother and the huge ones can be overpowering. So, in a way, the size can be blamed for not being at least my best friend. After all who wants a friend who steels all the limelight? Any way there are more reasons that are poured here as follows:

  1. Diamond’s Can’t Gossip: While you can give the little brilliant gems the credit to make you everyone’s envy, they can’t really gossip with you. Seriously, we’d prefer who can lend an endless ear for our woes and qualms, and can discuss PMS without a trace of embarrassment.
  2. Diamond’s Can’t Give You a Bear Hug: You can’t feel them close to you, while you can certainly admire their sheen. Teady Bears are a far better choice. You can cuddle them, beat them up, or just pretend that you are in love with a pouch-bellied bear who gives you nice tight hug every day!
  3. You Can’t Hang Out with the Same One EveryDay: Needless to say, after a point of time everyone stops noticing the stone when you’ve worn it more than four times. Only that much value for THAT MUCH price? Plus you know they can’t talk, so obviously they get boring day after day.
  4. They Just Aren’t: Anything that can’t make us look trimmer isn’t our best friend. Well, we’d excuse the heels – for they add a few inches to our legs – making us look a few pounds slimmer. But diamonds? They rather add to the bulk that we carry.
  5. They Can’t Click You Like a Shutterbug: And neither can they upload you like Instagram. Why then give them so much of credit?

The new age women is someone who can look beyond a diamond. She ain’t waiting for an expensive gift by a rich guy. She IS rich on her own. Her new BFF are the finer luxuries in life. Keep guessing, men – what luxuries I speak with such pride. Wink!

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