4 Types of Slippers For Girls and How to Style Them

4 Types of Slippers For Girls and How to Style Them

As stereotypical as it may sound, the one undeniable fact remains that fashion is always at the top of the mind for girls. Irrespective of age. Be it a five-year-old, a fifteen-year-old teenager, or a fifty-year-old woman – every female feels good when she is wearing what makes her look good. 

Even something as simple as slippers for girls needs to have that ‘likeability’ factor in them. For example- mickey mouse slippers bring a big grin on the little girls’ faces. Pink floral slippers and the glittery ones are a favorite amongst young girls. 

Cute slippers for girls are available in a wide variety. So, if you’ve been looking for one for yourself, or planning to give a nice pair to someone, a simple online search will suffice. What’s great about the kind of variety of slippers for girls available today is that they are so glamorous that they can easily replace uncomfortable footwear and add the same amount of charm as a kitten heel or any other sandal would do. 

You don’t necessarily have to wear heels with a skirt or even with jeans. Slippers can make you look trendy, funky, or classy, given that you style them right. Here are four types of fashionable slippers and ways on how you can style them to look your best.

Kolhapuri slippers

These slippers have a very traditional look, yet can be worn with western wear easily. They are extremely comfortable and make a great ethnic style statement. Made out of leather, kolhapuri slippers nowadays are also available in other materials to match your comfort, style quotient, and occasion.

Styling tip

Wear these beautiful chappals with your denim and a mirror-work kurti, for a fushion chic look. If pairing with Indian wear, opt for the antique gold look kolhapuri slippers that have an attractive shine to them.


The good old flip-flops are getting trendier with time. You have plenty of options when it comes to flip-flops. Buy a quality pair of flip-flops with sole types that suit your comfort level. There’s wedge, platform, slim-flat, doctor sole, and so much more to pick from. Now, flip-flops are a simple idea. But, how you style them makes all the difference to your look.

Styling tip

For Outdoor opt for broad floral side strap slippers. These look chic with western wear. On the other hand, the thin thong-strapped slippers for girls look best with Indian suits. A slim golden beaded thong-strap with embellishments is what you should opt for in your flip-flops if you are looking for slippers to match with your pyjama suit.

Clog slippers

A great option to wear indoors and outdoors, clog slippers are available in cotton, suede, plastic, mesh, rubber, and other materials. This style is quite popular in crocs; however, many new upcoming brands are now selling quality and stylish clog slippers for girls, and at affordable prices. 

Styling tip

Choose your clog slippers as per season. Suede clogs will be extremely uncomfortable in summers. Cotton clogs aren’t an excellent choice for winters. Also, how you style your clog slippers depends on the material of clog slippers. Rubber or plastic clog slippers look best with a pair of shorts. Suede clogs look cute with pencil skirts and a pair of stockings.


God bless the inventor of floaters. The comfort of these slippers is heavenly. Innately stylish, these slippers for girls gained popularity back in the 90s. People are again turning back to this style statement in slippers. Leather flip-flops are notably a hit because of their casual yet classy look. They can be worn with equal ease and elegant style both to the office and to the party.

Styling tip

Style your floaters with three-fourths or with capris for the added oomph to your look. Hoop earrings will pair great with the floaters that you wear with three-fourth denim to give you that retro look.

Now that you have a list of options on what slippers for girls to buy and how they can be styled. So, go ahead and make that long-awaited shopping spree!

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