The Gender Wars – Amusing Differences Between Men And Women

The Gender Wars – Amusing Differences Between Men And Women

First things first, this is not a little piece of bashing but there is a reason why a man is like a man and a woman is like – well, a woman. Say for example, a woman looks wonderful in hats; the same ones that make men look like clowns. When they keep repeating that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, we believe them. That said, it could be the other way round as well. Nonetheless, that is not the ONLY difference between the two genders (besides obviously the apparent ones). Here are a few just for laughs:

The Loo Thing

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They may not ever admit the ticklish feeling they get when they see one girl follow another, who is followed by a long trail of woman, when only one – just one – expressed the need to use the loo. On a second thought, why on earth would someone ask for a company in the loo? Girls, on the other hand, see no reason to go alone. After all, they share all the gossip, security and sisterhood there (also, there make-up kits).

 The “It’s OK” Syndrome

Taken – that you have already read this one too many times before. But we bring you a different perspective. Most of the times, woman say “its ok” even when things are killing them (proverbially), to avoid an hour long argument that might turn into a fight. That explains the next difference ( a corollary) : women don’t always explain in lengthy paragraphs. They know how to keep things short. Period.

 The “Traffic Panic” (or the lack of it in men)

A woman on the road, driving a car – hit the panic button, MEN!

To Solve or Dissolve

When it comes to problems, men usually take a path of making the thought bubbles disappear. Either they do that or they make more thought bubbles (logic bubbles) to overlap the problem bubble. Women on the other hand want instant solutions – without a thought.

The Obsessions

This one could not be a miss on the list. The world of obsessions of men and women is as different as Mars from Venus. From the age of 5, the girls and the boys learn how to ‘behave’ differently. The wonder is “Why”. Without a doubt, they grow up to be absolute aliens when it comes to likes and preferences (for good or for bad.)

It is amusing, or rather infuriating, that while a man may say ‘hello’ to every single girl in his office, he might not get back an equal response. Also, it is equally frustrating when a talkative girl is labeled ‘gossip queen’ an equal lover of chatting expressed by a man is NEVER even noticed. The stereotyping is weird and baseless. There is One and Only difference – that men and women are trained. In the world that was millions and millions of years ago, we would be able to tell who was who (behaviourally at least). Now that we are so different, I wonder how do we get along at the first place.

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