Why Are Women Crazy

Why Are Women Crazy

Pop goes the weasel.

You get a girlfriend. Pop. You learn romance. Pop. She starts acting weird. Pop. And there starts your suffering. POP.

Any kind of women-bashing has to start and end with three words – Women are crazy. I am just keeping up with the drift. Not that I am a male chauvinist… it’s just that, sometimes even men like ‘bitching’! Back to Women…

Women are witlessly nutty, brazenly irresponsible, and amazingly consistent with their dodgy playfulness (yet we chase them all the time, but that’s an entirely different story). Now, before I get my sermon cap on and go off-track, let’s get down to business- Why do we think women are crazy? Here we go:

Sex Is To Women What Marriage Is To Men – Scary!

Ah, it had to begin with sex! Wonder why women make sex either seem like Shakespeare or like sin. For them, it’s never like, you know, Sex!

Hey girl, you were with your boyfriend at some place aloof, grappling with the temptation of throwing yourself at him. You gave into that temptation, you were all over him and you had a bloody good time! Were you two animalistic? Damn straight. It wouldn’t have been sex otherwise!

Now the question is- and that’s the only question- Why do you have to freak out afterwards? Hell, why the guy is suddenly a wicked monster?

They are Always Mad at us

 “Gosh, what are you doing!”, ”Why are you here?”, “Why are you wearing this?”, “Why can’t you behave!? How do you know her? “Why are you so gross!” *yelling* Arghh!!!

Oh, she does want answers to all these questions, but she won’t let you speak. Coz apparently every word coming from your mouth is a lie. Romance is replaced by a constant pricking. You are corkscrewed. Inside-out.

‘Periods’ of Misery

And then there is that! PMS. It is THE excuse for her making you a punch bag. And this one always works. Till she is having a hard time dealing with her periods, she would keep giving you jolts of exacerbating pain. But It’s her period, why should you be grinded? Well, that’s how punching bags work, don’t they?

Alright, that’s a lot of bitching for one article. Listen up pretty ladies; Men don’t look for angels or some kind of dream girl (I don’t even know what they look like!) For now, just be a woman who makes us wolf-whistle!

Image Courtesy: Kikiandtea, 15min, askmen

Rohit Raina
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