Why Men Cheat (Booty is not the only reason)

Why Men Cheat (Booty is not the only reason)

“A woman can give a man a million reasons to be faithful, and he will find one reason to cheat. A man can give a woman a million reasons to cheat, and she will find one reason to be faithful”. Darn! Why? Without any fluff around it, I would say the men are simply *wired* that way.

Look, the pretty lasses have far more chances of going around with two or more men at the same time and it has been proven that they are better at deception, that said and done, luckily or unluckily, the fairer sex seems a little more ethical. Yea, I know you will pin down this statement thinking that the females aren’t as open to the idea of open-relationships (and just for fun flings) as men are, but isn’t that something entirely different a *concept*. Anyways, coming back to why men cheat, do we really know why?

Is it Love, Again?

Love happens. The men are happy. Love happens again. They are happier. Love knocks once again. They are overjoyed. And everytime (which may mean at the same point of a straight line) it happens with a different person. They want a little bit of Mary, a bit of Sandy and a little bit of Lena. At the same time, they don’t want a little bit of the very same ladies. What do they do – mix and match.

 They Crave (Obviously for Variety)

No matter how much *variety* one woman brings in their life, they still crave for some outdoor fun. They will blame it on you if they get caught. Be ready to listen to some really lame excuses, some of which will be directly aimed at turning into a wicked witch overnight. Forgive him for the latter; the chap doesn’t really know that a witch is better variation than the word misspelled.

 Because They Are Not the Only Ones 🙂

Guys, we don’t blame it all on your hormones, we blame it on your mindset as well. You aren’t really bothered about getting caught. But seriously, neither is the modern, independent chic. So you might cheat her because she no longer seems pretty, has know become a cry baby or for the simple reason that you found someone better, don’t be baffled if the high levels of oestradiol in your voluptuous witch make her walk away to a better man.

The urban unfaithful male will burn both ends of the candle (imagine the hotness) in pursuit of keeping his passions alive. No matter how much ever you cringe about it, the swaggering male will cheat if he gets a chance to. Keep a watchful eye on him and he is likely to withdraw from the coziness. Let him loose and he is like to sprawl in a sea of deception – ok, now that’s a little too much, but even too much isn’t good enough, is it?

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