5 Things You Can’t Believe Could Happen to You

5 Things You Can’t Believe Could Happen to You

It often happens many a times the winner finds himself lone and dismal. Strange that the most happening person at the party takes the leave earliest! Worse, they don’t have any idea about most of the ill-luck that strikes them.

Has it ever happened to you that your babe picked a nerd who promised her romance, over your chauffer driven BMW? Probably, she and the chauffer, are a happily married couple now. And, you are the one who has been driven nuts.

robert downey jr angry, irritated

If life to you, seems like a string of sarcasm, being fired from a sharp BB rifle, this is a read worth a hearty belly laugh.

  1. A trip (going bad): It could be as bad as tripping while trotting in your sky-high stilettos in a party and breaking a bone or two. Or..it could be worse – Having to deal with flight cancellations even when the sky was as clear as clear could be.
  2. Theft/Robbery/Loot: No one ever prepares for this one. No one thinks that this could happen to them. To the ones it happens, life is a changed game.
  3. Weight Gain and Weight Loss: The bad thing is that it never happens the way it supposed to happen or to the person it should happen to. The weight gain strikes those who weigh on the heavier side and vice-versa. Imagine if this trend reverses (just imagine if somehow this happens)! You’d never ever imagined that, right!
  4. Pregnancy: Ironically, married couples are never prepared for this. Something seems to make them go numb. C’mon, a baby was supposed to happen to you. What’s so strange about it?
  5. Magic: Yea, we thought about ending on a happy note. Statistics has it that love happens to those who least expect it. And, it leaves them bowled over.

With this we’d say – To those who are blissfully basking in the glory of their ‘EASYNESS’ when life takes a funny turn, keep laughing along.


Some girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice. Others, like me, are red haired, raw, and quite plus sized. Read my work on food and fashion on this blog.

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