Uncanny Rains: Weird Things that Poured from the Sky

Uncanny Rains: Weird Things that Poured from the Sky

It’s a strange world. You can expect the unexpected. Rain. Snow. Hail – This is what we want to see descending down from the blue-ish blanket of sky that envelops the earth. But the universe has its own weird and wonderful ways. ‘Security in Obscurity’ seem to be the technique which the cosmos follows to encode its messages. If you can make any sense out of them then Eureka! You are the chosen one (at least as per superstitions). If you can’t, then you are just another common earthling completing a karma cycle.

So when the strangest of things fell from the sky were mentioned in the Bible, most called them omens. Nonetheless, the stories did not end in the Bible. There have been reports of bizarre rainfalls, some of which we mention below:

Blue Sapphires: To the weather forecasters – the next time something like this is about to happen, please get your forecasting radars straightened up and stretched out. We need to know when its raining sapphires or rubies or diamonds. The United Kingdom witnessed this strange phenomenon in which jelly-like blue sapphires rained from the sky. Whatever it was, pictures confirm it was beautiful.


It doesn’t always rain wonders. Indeed of the times it’s an eerie pour down. Spiders, for instance, falling from the sky can be nerve-racking. In 2007, Argentina was flooded by the creepy creatures falling in the surface from up above. Brazil experienced a similar phenomenon. Weird, it seems like a Spiderman plot.

Jelly: I would love to be a kid gobbling up all the jelly disguised as fire-balls falling from the sky, straight into my mouth. I hope it would be delicious or it would have given me a bad stomach ache. New Jersey got all the fiery jelly in 1833. What a sight it would have been – first there was the fire that turned into jelly, which vanished as sand. Wowed I am.

Frogs: It’s believed, that frogs falling from the sky, is a good omen. Well, I can’t say about that, but taking THAT leap, for sure would be quite an experience for the frogs. So when they fell in Greece, there were stories in leaps and bounds.

Blood: Ok, now this is downright gross. Blood? Couldn’t it have been wine if had to be of that color? When this happened in 2008 in Argetina, people were pretty alarmed. Accepted; it’s shocking.

Did it really happen!

For those who take it to be hearsay, here is the fact – Till date, more than 700 such incidents have been reported. What’s more? In 1997 the Japanese reported that a cow fell from the sky. Ouch! That must have hurt the herbivore. The only thing that the women are waiting for is a chance to sing ‘It’s raining men, Hallelujah’.


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