Truly, Madly, Deeply for Madhuri Dixit

Truly, Madly, Deeply for Madhuri Dixit

The people born in the 80s have all grown up admiring three things: the evening dose of Antakshari, the never ending thrill of cricket, and Madhuri Dixit(Nene) on the big parda. The 90s were an out-and-out Madhuri Era.

If it wasn’t for her, can you imagine the number of hits Bollywood would have missed? She has been reigning over the film industry since she turned 16. Given that she is gifted, no doubt she’ll continue to reign forever.

Unlike the case of every destiny’s child, Madhuri was born without an inkling of stardom around her, but with oodles of charm (and talent) within. Every Madhuri fan would know that her first flick was just a passer by.

As far as Madhuri is concerned, films were not even a distant dream. She was more of a stage kid. So what got her closer to the movies? To a large extent, it was Kathak, an absolute favorite pursuit of the actress in making. And then was her ability to get people standing miles away to get on their feet and acknowledge her passion for acting.

All I can say, she knew how to grab eyeballs, and fix them. For an eternity.

No, she wasn’t extraordinarily good looking; just another petite girl learning to develop some oomph. It was something else. Something that flashed in a second and stole away a million hearts, stopped a million beats. A dazzling curve that spread right across her face and touched zillions – that’s what it was!

As I write about the incredible smile of the ‘Dhak Dhak’ girl, the radio tunes me into ‘Ek, Do, Teen’ and I am hit by the nostalgic whirlwind of the lyrical dance that none other than Madhuri could have embedded with surreal expressions.

Nothing fits on those numbers, except for magical Madhuri. I can’t see a Juhi or a Raveena or a Sri Devi doing a ‘Que Sera Sera. On second thoughts, Sri Devi would have been flawless. But now that we’ve seen Madhuri match steps with Prabhu Deva, it’s kind of hard to imagine.

You’d ask what was so superstar-ish about Madhuri. I’d say the best part about her was her ability to guise herself as any character, of any genre, with a ridiculous effortlessness. Take comedy or action or horror or romance – she shined magnificently through her role. It wouldn’t then be wrong to say that she was often the ‘protagonist’. While everyone else would be busy giving their best performance, she was being the artist. And what a commendable one!

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  1. atoz packers

    so nice my fav…. all time

  2. hasan

    Madhuri Dixit is a famous heroin in this world.she live in India but go every where in this world.god bless her,

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