Animal Prints for the Wild and Free

Animal Prints for the Wild and Free

Anyone who has ever worn a leopard printed dress would know how it feels to don an animal print on bare skin. These chic outfits have stayed in style long enough to be labeled as evergreen.

The fortitude of animal prints is a rage amongst the rich and the famous, and the not so popular aam janta too. Young girls certainly have a thing for the zebra striped or the tiger printed attire. With their bold and animalistic appeal, the trend has caged the entire world in its inimitable charm.

As the age old adage goes – clothes maketh a man – evident is the fact that our personalities comprise of different traits. These traits are projected by the clothes we wear. It may be stereotypical, but the aspiration of donning animal prints reflects a wild instinct reflecting the impudent side of a person.

From tops to skirts to one-piece dresses to boots to two-piece lingerie, animal prints have made their impression in a big way. The funky prints are available in hues like pink, red, blue, black, white, yellow, and in their most natural animal skin color.

With fashionistas who rein in Bollywood and Hollywood supporting the trend, animal prints have earned a place a notch higher in the fashion world. Admittedly then, without a variation or two of animal prints, every woman’s closet is incomplete.

How to Flaunt Those Prints

• Leg Them Up: Pair your leopard printed stockings with a super short black mini. A strap less bustier will go along really well to complete the smoky hot look.

• Second Skin: Hide your wildness right blow your see-through white buttoned shirt. Let the prints show when its time to strip down for some boldness.

• Bags and Belts: Sometimes being subtle is the best way to give out the right hints. Limit the animal prints to your bags, belts and watches or even head-scarves.

That said, animal prints are best paired with colors that can tone down the effect of such a bold style. After all you don’t want to be hunted down like a deer headed to the city.

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