Top Five Classic Cars from the Past, Present and Future

Top Five Classic Cars from the Past, Present and Future

Imagine living like the Flinstone’s. Seems intriguing doesn’t it? Now imagine the Flinstone’s family car. Nah! The whole idea is no more intriguing. I’d rather live in an era when the best of those beauties were created. Not just the Rolls Roy or the Audi’s, but the curvy ones too.

I’d love to get my hands on them and drive them crazy. Take them on a whirl-wind ride and photo-shoot them almost everyday. If you ask me to take my pick, it would take me at least a month to decide about which one I love. I am fascinated by all, but I won’t say that any will do. Here are the top five classic cars of the past, present and future that would fit my fav five list:

Ferrari of the Fifties

 The Ferrari is, without any sign of doubt, the dream on wheels for many. And, when it comes to the Ferrari of the fifties, everyone wants ride for a life time. It’s a darling – a car that makes you go ‘awwww’ and ‘woooooww’ the moment you look at it. It has to be the number one vintage car that anyone desires.

 Aston Martin

Think Rolex of cars and you have an Aston Martin. They are sleek, they are powered-up, and, they are certainly an exciting! The entire range is classic. An Aston Martin in black though, is unbeatable.

 Plymouth Superbird 440

 I’d rather call it a flat face beauty – Plymouth gives an idea about wood. Not blaming the brand – just that the make is too killer to be called ‘Plymouth’. That said, what’s in the name when you got a chic, superbird giving you wings.

 Subaru SVX

 It’s a grand tourer coupe that will remind you of a Hollywood flick jammed with luxury cars, amidst the mad-rush. You’ll leave that thought instantly and imagine the Subaru surrounded by lush greenery. What a view!!

Acura NSX

Here’s a car, that will set your desires ablaze. Perfect for having a love-hate relation, an Acura NSX is something you’ll love to drive but won’t dare drive for it might get a little scratch here and there. You care about it. You’d probably take it for a night time stroll when there is no one on the road to spoil it. But then you want to show it off too!

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