Top 5 Break Up Tips that Will Make You Feel Good Instantly

Top 5 Break Up Tips that Will Make You Feel Good Instantly

A lot has been said, written and discussed about survival tips post break-up. Alas! Not every is able to make it to the state of stability. It’s a total loss situation and breaking-up is your only option. You know you are going to fall in the loneliness trap but you are equally desperate to break free. Is there a way out? You bet! There is more than one.

  • Throw a Break-Up Party: Make it mutual. Keep things simple and invite over a few people who have been with you and your to-be ex for quite some time now. Declare you are “returning to singlehood” and celebrate with a toast. Don’t let the bitterness be there. Make it the sweetest goodbye.
  • Keep it Private: Over a dinner date discuss the issues that the two of you are going throw. The fights, the emotional (and physical incompatibility), lack of trust or commitment phobia, whatever your reasons may be, bring them to the table. Things will change only for better.
  • In the Boxing Ring: Now it’s definitely not a boxing match that you must pick as a parting ceremony, but the ambiance is just right. Shout, scream or simply sit there imagining the other down and out; this will make you feel good about yourself for sure.
  • Simple Goodbyes: Probably both of you understand that you have to part ways. A simple “Goodbye” will do the trick. What’s more? This will leave a scope for rekindling. Who knows how realizations work!
  • Sleepovers: Yes, you read that right. But here is the twist. You will be sharing the same room but not the same bed. Watch TV together or chit-chat for a while. Then the girl gets the bed and the guy gets the couch 🙂 (yes boy even when you are breaking up you have to be a gentleman). This is a good exercise for those who plan to stay friends.

Sometimes break-ups can be healthy. They make you shed the unnecessary burdens and look ahead with a clearer vision. After all, who says love can’t happen twice?

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