Top 5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Getting Laid-Off

Top 5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Getting Laid-Off

Rejoice! You’ve been axed. Now you have all time in the world for yourself. How many times have you secretly wished for an apocalypse to change things forever or may be just set things right in your office?

Well, that apocalypse finally came, whether or not you really wanted it or, more importantly, ever believed that it would. Coronavirus has cost people jobs, and continues to. And call us insensitive to make a joke out of it, we’d say you are out of it all, so why look at it from the lens of a pessimist. Take things with a pint of optimism instead and let the fun begin. Gloom and grim won’t get your job back.

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Just chill with your jobless buddies

Earn While You Learn Chill

Severance pay is a good enough reason you can stay unemployed for a while. Enjoy the free money and splurge on the things that interest you. Moreover, you wanted to chuck your job anyhow; now you don’t even have to serve the notice period.

Sleep Your Way through the Mornings (and afternoons)

Since you turned 3 till date, you have been forced by institutional obligations to wake up at 6 a.m. and retire to bed when the clock strikes mid-night. Now that you are a free bird why not switch on the hibernation mode?

Catching Up With Bum Chums

It’s been long time since you planned a get together with like minded weirdos (read: bum chums). Being laid-off means that you have the time and the opportunity to stick back together and watch a couple of movies or go biking.

 Time for Love

If you have someone in your life then you know what we mean. And just in case you haven’t yet got your chance may be this lay-off gives you one. Be everywhere, get noticed and for once please try speed dating.

Time to Get Fit

Admit it; you have been gaining a lot of belly fat sitting all day in your chair exercising nothing but your fingers that have been constantly typing on the keyboard. One serious reason why you should love biding adieu to your job is that it gives you a reason to get back in shape.

Now that you have enough motivation and reason to look forward to the lean season, update your resume just to ensure that your temporary vacation does not stretch longer than you planned.

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