From the Pain of It All

From the Pain of It All

It’s my fifth filthy break-up. Yes, after those four grubby ones, this is the freaking fifth and I fail not to flunk in the flirtatious flings. And, if I were even a tad more outrageous, I would have been spilling out every ‘f’ word that flowed or fumbled from my fangs.

The first one caught me crying; the second drinking. The third – it was an act of vengeance. The fourth, which I still consider to be something that happened for good, got me in this mess, which I think is going to send me into a pitfall of doomed melancholy.

They say, its inevitable – a heartbreak. Seriously! If the truth is that everyone is going to hurt – and provided that everyone does – could not there be any other part of the body where it had to hurt the worst?

For once I say, leave out my cerebral and cardiac muscles and I will absorb the pain in every other bone of my body. Also, on the ‘You just got to find the ones worth suffering part” – isn’t it a corollary that only those hurt who are worth suffering for. Aren’t the rest just wasting their time trying to hurt our egos, failing miserably to do so even scarcely remotely?

Agreed, that once you are out of a relationship, you are no longer hurdling together like dolphins and can take a free swim hunting for wilder sharks. Agreed, that being single means a fresher chases and newer contours. Nonetheless, it also means that when you are swimming alone or are being chewed to death by the wildness in your life – you’ll look back and wake up to a life that was – a life that won’t be. You’ll realize, break-ups are easier said than done!

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