What Men Desire: Take a Cue

What Men Desire: Take a Cue

Every time your guy checks out the little miss cuteness sitting on the table across, while both of you order some extra-greasy chicken for dinner, you doubt his intent and your own too. Yours, however, is about the ‘grease’ on the food. You don’t want him ogling at someone else for a lifetime. So what’s it in the other lass that has caught his fancy? Do you really have to worry about that?

But lady, unless you have a bit of experience with dealing with the likes (or dislikes) of an equally complex species don’t rely on wild guesses. Those won’t even take you even a wee bit closer to decoding the grey-matter. Moreover, when it comes to women, don’t take men to be an open book, unless you want to look like a dumb koala. Admit it; being of a curious nature (And, the more suspicious of the lot) how you wish you had the access to the naughtiness in his DNA. Let’s begin with baby-steps, here are three things that can get him head over heals, for you:

The Grease in Your Food is really sexy, (and so are the padded thighs)

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There’s an old adage that says, “that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. So when it comes to food, show him your love for it. Now you don’t really have to turn into a glutton, but don’t be fussy either. Eat a bit carelessly, even if it gives you a little pad on your thighs and soft pouch on your stomach. Your guy will admire you for not being a high-maintenance girl.

That You Freak-Out, but Not on Neatness

Profanity is so not ladylike – you might think; but your occasional outburst is a total win-win. As long as you don’t get too offensive and cheap, believe me, all that the rants are giving him is a good rush of adrenaline.

That You Laugh, Ridiculously (And how you manage to look good with a grin on

A woman who can attract with her smile; a woman who can seduce with her laughter – that’s what every single guy desires. The signal that you’re sending out is that you are not so self conscious and that you feel comfortable about who you are and where you come from. So get that gloss glittering a bit more to get your guy drooling.

Babes, here is the secret – with males there is no secret regarding personal preferences. So be it a car, a piece of real-estate, or some lady-love his body language is the key to his mind heart.

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