Hawaiian Culinary Culture – The Taste of Exemplary Cooking

Hawaiian Culinary Culture – The Taste of Exemplary Cooking

Food is magic if you don’t know how to cook. It is a miracle if you discover it every time with ingredients and experimentation. What makes morsels so delectable though are three things: its origin, its originator, and its critic. Belonging to the third category, I often pour my heart out when it comes to cultural culinary delights. Today I devote all my heart and soul (and of course my taste buds) to the gastronomies served fresh from Hawaii.

Till a long-long time, taro and the poi were the face of Hawaiian food. Applause worthy is the fact that no one has actually gotten bored of the good ol’ recipe – and – the taro and the poi are still counted as Hawaiin specialties. History has it that it was around 300-500 AD that the Polynesian seafarers barged in on the Island, and started some cultivation.

Around that time the Hawaiin food was all about some fruits and a lot of flora. Soon the vegetation bore its most wondrous fruit – but – it wasn’t without the help of some of the most skilled people who knew the essence and aromas that the geographically blessed land of Hawaii produced. Some healthy, hearty and hot contributions were made to Hawaiin platter by Portuguese immigration. They got the taste of tomatoes, chilli pepper and some sweet bread from the Portuguese, who also taught them an interesting dish – that known as the malasadas.

Given the kind of variety of that the Hawaiian land serves fresh today, I can’t say I’ve been able to add much to my list of foods explored, eaten and evaluated. But, I can tell you this much : The modern Hawaiian food is a concoction of cultures that came in and settled on the lands of Hawaii. You will find your palate full of mouth watering salads and variations in rice if you set out to try this cuisine. The top-rated dish on my list though is the Shoyu Chicken..That spells funny too! 😉

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