Cooking: That’s What Real Men Do

Cooking: That’s What Real Men Do

Every man’s life is made of three things: a mate or quite a number of them; some money or loads of it; and entertainment. The last one is on the top of any guys’ list. Call it a need or an instinct, guys find some way or the other to have fun. From riding bikes to watching kinky stuff online to watching news 24*7, if it’s their cup of tea they’ll stay glued to it throughout. Likewise is with cooking, if they love it, they can do it anytime, anyhow. But what if it is not? Can they still do it? Well, that’s no tough nut! Even if you have never tried your hand at chopping a salad, keep reading and believe me you that as soon as you’ve read this, you’ll be ready to cook up a storm in the kitchen.

 No, it’s not a simple Maggie jig that takes around 10 minutes to cook in a microwave. This is about real food.

BUTTON MUSHROOMS: Mouthwatering, squishy and utterly tempting, button mushrooms make the perfect appetizers. All you need to do is boil them up and then dash or chop. Sautee in shallow pan that has just half a tea-spoon of oil in it. Add some basic ingredients like salt, pepper and red chilli powder. Stir them a bit.  Put off the gas and let the dish cool. Sprinkle some lime and garnish with coriander. Voila!

FRIED RICE: This is for the main course. Let’s second to the fact that it is simpler to make rice than making bread. Even the ladies would second that. Plus, they are more filling. It can even be an effort saving recipe. In case you have rice left over from the previous day, you’ll just need some sautéed vegetables. Add a little bit oil to the frying pan and then add some salt and pepper to it. Thereafter put the vegetables in it. Now, add finally add the rice to the pan and stir well.


Was this a menu or cooking plan for women, it would have included a dessert or two AND THE DRINKS AS WELL. However, for the men, let’s keep things quick. Let’s skip the sweetness and land straight at the bang (pun intended). How about a bottle of old monk? Jack Daniels would be super too!

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