Colour Me Yellow

Colour Me Yellow

Yellow was my first favourite blush

Pale, free of any blood rush

The sign that showed on a sick life

Like what remained out of hunger and strife..

That was the color of a barren India

And so I love it all the more when I see it in its dullest texture


And then it is the color of the bones

Gross, I know, but that’s the origin of blood

From the marrows the red is born again

(And you say red is primary)

That’s insane!


Closest hue of a budding friendship

It takes a tone brighter, beaming from delicate rose petals

Hurdled together in a bud that holds promises of sharing

I’d give one to a being endearing


Bring out my yellow shirt today

I’ll wear the hue for every mood

For joy, for freedom, for sacrifice, for pain

For love, for friendship, for loss and for gain

From dull to light the shade may vary

The colour is the colour of the heart that I carry 

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