Plus Size Bikini – How to Pick The Right One For Your Body Shape

Plus Size Bikini – How to Pick The Right One For Your Body Shape

Plus size women around the world are embracing fashion like never before. Not that big and beautiful women never stepped out in jeans and a casual top before, it’s just that they aren’t intimidated by societal pressures of what’s appropriate for their bodies, anymore. They are boldly flaunting above-knee dresses, body snug fabrics, and not ashamed to show cleavage. 

Some body-positive activists have shed all inhibitions and embraced the bikini. Yes, you read that right. And, the world is cheering in applause. It’s amazing to witness people are writing new rules in the world of fashion! This just marks the beginning of a very confident, stereotype-free times. That said, only a handful of plus-size people, who include fashion icons and social media influencers know how to pick the right bikini. People like you and me, largely, don’t. So, if you are a size 16 or above, you’ll find this post quite useful in deciding on a bikini that suits your body shape and size. Be beach ready with your perfect bikini. 

Apple-shaped plus size body

As someone with an apple-shaped body, you have wide shoulders. You are heavier at the top and narrow down at the hip. We’d suggest that you opt for a one-piece halter bikini. This style gives you the chance to flaunt your shoulders and covers areas that you don’t want much attention on. You can also opt for a tankini instead of a one-piece bikini. A tankini hides tummy tires but keeps things a little trendy.

Pear-shaped plus size body

You are narrow at the waist and are blessed with a curvy bust as well as the bottom. BUT because you are pear-shaped means you are curvier at the hip than at the bust. A good tip here would be to pick bikinis online that create an illusion of proportion. It’s easy to do so, for example, by opting for a bare shoulder bikini. This style brings attention to your bust and makes your shoulders appear a little wider than they are. That’s how your bust and bottom look in perfect sync. You could also wear a   bikini, with the top of a lighter colour and the bottom being of a darker shade. This will make your hips appear narrower. And, once again you can create an illusionary effect!

Hourglass-shaped plus size body

Even plus size women can be blessed with absolutely proportionate body size. Which makes them equally good looking and attractive. If you are blessed with an hourglass shape, you don’t need to think too much while picking a bikini style. However, you still have to think about what will make you look good. Hiding your problem areas is the trick. You can opt for a frock-style bikini, for example, if you a little flab on your thighs. Draw attention to your waist by picking bold colours, belts, and prints.

Rectangle-shaped plus size body

You could be really struggling to find a bikini that gives your body some definition. But, there’s no reason to fret. Relax! Peplum tankinis can help you slay. Additionally, you could use wiring under the bust to accentuate your bust. Another tip: Avoid swimsuits that hug your midsection, because this the problem area you need to take the focus off from. 

Wrapping it up

With these little tips, we hope you are beach ready. Wear a big smile and a killer attitude to rock your beach body!

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