Dental Implants: The 3 Forms Of Implant Treatment

Dental Implants: The 3 Forms Of Implant Treatment

Dental implants have been around for quite a few years and this innovative treatment offers a permanent solution to missing teeth, yet there are several ways that the prosthetic teeth can be anchored.

The very first step is for the dentist to take X-Rays of the patient’s jaw to determine if the jawbone is dense enough to accommodate the titanium pins that provide the anchor for the prosthetic teeth.

There are various important technicalities involved here, and if you go for a reliable center like cosmetic dentist salida ca, you can be resy assured everything is taken care of.

Here are the various forms of dental implants.

  1. Subperiosteal Implants – This is rarely used today; it consists of a wire cradle that is fitted directly onto the gums with small posts to accept the crown. This procedure is used when a person has insufficient depth to their gum to accommodate dentures, yet it has been adapted to incorporate with implants.
  1. Endosteal Implants – The most common form of dental implant. It involves drilling into the jawbone and inserting titanium pins, which, after 4-6 weeks, bond very well with the bone and tissue, providing the anchor for the prosthetic tooth. If you are looking for cheap dental implants in Sydney, or in the area where you are located, start with a Google search and locate a cosmetic dentist near you and make an initial appointment. The titanium pins come in several forms – threaded, much like a screw, smooth, cylindrical and a flat blade type. The dentist would make a recommendation as to which would be most suitable for you.
  1. All On Four – This is a term that refers to a complete set of upper or lower teeth in a single unit, which has 4 anchor points (titanium pins). An elderly person with no teeth at all can have an upper and lower all on four implants, providing their bone structure is adequate. This is never going to be cheap, yet it does give you a permanent solution to missing teeth and once fitted, the dental implants can be cared for much the same as regular teeth, with brushing and flossing after every meal and before and after bed. Many people report a boost in self-confidence when they switch from dentures to implants, as there is no movement and the implants are more natural looking than dentures.

Which Is Right for you?

The only person who can answer that question is the dentist and a Google search for ‘dental implants near me’ is all it takes to find the website of a local clinic. You can book an initial consultation to determine the options. 

The majority of people are suitable for endosteal implants and a few X-Rays will enable the dentist to decide on the best technique.

He or she would discuss the various options and advise you accordingly, while explaining the procedure and if you are in agreement, an initial appointment can be scheduled.

Whether you lost a tooth playing rugby or you would like to say goodbye to your dentures, you should book an appointment with a local clinic and find out what they can do for you.

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