How To Become Famous on YouTube

How To Become Famous on YouTube

Are you an experienced YouTube user or are you planning to become a Youtube celebrity?

It is not as simple as a pie, but you should try.

how to become famous on youtube

This guide will help you in your undertakings.

Refine the profile of your channel

To gain success and subscribers you should make your page look attractive. This step includes the following:

    • Make a catching cover
    • Provide some personal information
    • Add a welcoming video
    • Divide your video content into categories

Use Youtube smart tools

YouTube provides own algorithm of ranking that shifts some videos on top.

The following tricks would make the algorithms work for you:

    • Post longer videos
    • Filename of a video should contain keywords
    • Compose alluring titles
    • Be attentive to descriptions
    • Do not skip tags!
    • Consider the following YouTube Ranking Factors:
      • Retention of video retention
      • Comments
      • Number of subscribes after watching
      • Shares in social networks
      • Adding your video to favorites
      • Likes and dislikes.

Learn to shoot qualitative video content

Content is the thing that makes famous on Youtube, therefore try to make it the best. The following is recommended:

  • Create Your Feature
  • Make video series and regular time of release
  • Stay tuned with trend
  • Share your personal life story
  • Involve other Youtube creators
  • Shoot parody videos
  • Participate in video responding

Well done, but it is not enough. Do not forget about promotion!

Promote your videos

Promotion of your video files is a complex process, which includes promotion on Youtube, subscription to similar channels, creation of appealing thumbnails, adding popups, etc.

It is recommended also to make some competitions and interactions with your subscribers.

Do not forget promoting your videos and channel throughout the web because users like to download YouTube videos to MP4 and more formats for offline watching.

Promotion in social networks is not limited only to posting videos. Be active user – participate in commenting, sharing, discussions. Try to gain new people by your ideas and world-view.

Make your e-mail signature by adding URL to your channel on Youtube.

First 100 on Youtube

The first step is always the hardest, so on Youtube – the hardest thing is to attract first 100 subscribers. As soon as you achieve this figure, you would have your core group of followers.

First 10,000 YouTube views

Gaining first 10,000 views of any of your videos defines your success. This may be the beginning of something big and important. You’re doing right and keep it up!

Enjoy the things you’re doing

Many Youtube vloggers lose their attractiveness, when trying to gain success. Don not forget that a long way is expecting to you to become famous on Youtube. Be calm, do not haste. And do not lose your passion! It is the key of any success.

Good luck!

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