10 Practical Ways To Make Money Online

10 Practical Ways To Make Money Online

Slowly but steadily, the world around us is evolving, and so are means of earning a living. It’s not just the regular routine of waking up early in the morning, dressing up, and heading to your workplace. The kind of times we are living in, you may need a side hustle more than you think. And the ways to earn passive income on the side are only growing by the day.

Making money online is the shiny new thing. You may be a graduate, a working professional, a housewife or even a school student, making some bucks on the sides is never a bad idea. Here are the practical ways you can try out to earn some extra income, sitting right at home. 

Complete Surveys

It goes without saying that online surveys are the easiest way to make money. You can start by completing short surveys which may take around 5 to 15 minutes of your time. Depending upon the company, surveys generally contain multiple-choice questions which you need to answer based entirely on your personal opinion. 

You can earn between Rs.50 to 500 for opting up a survey, according to its length. Toluna and Univox are some of the sites you can explore for the same.

Conduct Online Tuition Classes  

Isn’t this THE career goal for most of us growing up, taking up tuition? No? Of course you’re lying! As kids going to tuition classes, we spent bulk of the time counting the total number of heads and then multiplying it with the fee per head, just to get a ballpark idea of how much our tuition teacher was making every month.

And why not! If you have a good understanding of a specific subject, start by tutoring students on the web. You need to complete a specialized training plus induction courses, after which you are eligible to conduct online classes.

You can earn between Rs. 400 to Rs. 1500 per hour, depending upon your teaching experience. Some of the websites you can log into are Urban Pro, MyPrivateTutor, Vedantu, and a lot more. You can even search for online tutoring jobs in organizations like Unacademy, Khan Academy, and BYJU’s. 

Spend Time On Paid To Click (Ptc) Sites

Are you one of those who do not want to spend much time or effort while earning money online? This way is the best solution for those guys. All you need is a laptop, a good internet connection, and a Paypal account to earn money through PTC sites.

The earning amount may be less, but you can spend a few hours a day after which you can earn a significant amount. There are various paid to click sites like Neobux and Clixsense which pay you just for clicking the ads and watching them.

Become a YouTuber

Isn’t everybody? Proceed by creating a new YouTube channel and become a YouTube partner. Pick up a unique domain name. Research on how to get your YouTube videos go viral or even just draw decent number of views, upload quality videos related to your favorite topic, be it of dance, showing cooking recipes, making pranks, personality development, political debates, podcasts, and more. 

The amount of cash you earn depends upon the number of views and your subscribers. After you receive a decent amount of subscribers, you get paid for every thousand views.

Play Games And Earn Money

Sure, there are a lot of spammy websites out there, but there also are a whole lot of websites that are authentic. What do you got to lose, anyway? Just set up a new account on a website after thoroughly researching about it. You can also earn referral amount if you refer the particular website to your friends. For example, if you are a professional when it comes to playing games online, you can leverage the Dream11 discount coupons and make some money while having a gala time playing fantasy sports. 

You can earn from a small amount to an astronomical figure, depending upon your gaming skills and your winning position. The total cash of the game gets divided among the top players. The website where you can play games to earn money are Dream11, MPL, FanMojo, Adda52, PokerBaazi, etc. 

Sell Photos Online

If you or any of your friends own a DSLR or a phone having a good camera quality (which phone doesn’t nowadays?), this method is simple to earn money. You can begin by clicking remarkable high-quality images of anything and everything, right from streets, walls, food, skyline, architecture, even insects, or just regular people.

You earn cash if you sell these online to those who love collecting or decorating HD images at home or maybe in their office space. 

The sites like Shutterstock, Freepik, Images Bazaar, etc. give you a platform to sell your photos. If someone buys your photo, you get paid through them depending upon the quality and peculiarity of your clicked photos. 

Start Blogging

Blogging requires you to spend money on a domain name and server hosting space. So, if you have enough money and talent, you can go for it. You get an opportunity to exercise your hobby and put your passion for writing to good use. 

Blogging is hard work, though. The returns can be equally rewarding. A blogger can earn between Rs.1000 to more than 40 lakhs in India. You can create a blog on WordPress or Tumblr. It takes a little time to gain an audience, once you have completed that step, start to monetize your blog through ads, product reviews, and affiliate marketing.

Learn Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is similar to blogging. Proceed by partnering with different brands and other blogs or websites. You only have to promote and mention their product, service, or hyperlink their articles on your platform. By doing this, they offer you a particular amount of money.

If you are very active on social media, you can also make use of it or create a separate Facebook page to earn money through affiliate marketing, given that you have enough number of followers.

Become An App Developer

Developing a new app is not easy, and, most importantly, you should know how to code. Firstly, it is necessary to have a business idea to develop an app for. If you have one, that’s one part of the battle won. Initially, you would have to invest some cash and expect nothing in return. 

Since most people like to download free apps, you shouldn’t be putting a price on your app, as it will reduce the number of downloads even in the face of a great app. To monetize your free app, try using advertising as your revenue model and offer subscriptions within your app.

You can utilize your app to sell merchandise, introduce in-app purchases, and microtransactions.

Or, just work as a freelance mobile app developer by setting up an account on platforms like Flexjobs, Upwork, Freelancer, Elance, Toptal, and more to earn a steady income. 

Set Up A Membership Site

Membership sites are the private websites with all the exclusive content, which is accessible only to those members who opt for a paid subscription. So before starting, be sure to provide valuable information to your audience so that they are happy to pay you a monthly subscription fee in return. 

There are various options when it comes to the type of content you can deliver, such as online courses, live webinars, informative guides, ebooks, community forum, cheat-sheets, workbooks and action plans.

In conclusion

There are some of the more practical ways making good money online. The kind of crisis the world is in, you never know how necessary it might be to learn one of the tropes. If you do not want to spend money, then try those methods that involve no investment.

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