Get That Perfect Pout with The Right Lipper For You

Get That Perfect Pout with The Right Lipper For You

We have so many lovely shades of lip makeup in our bags, some we love so much that we wear them every day, and some we haven’t touched in months.

It is unusual because those shades that we don’t wear looked strikingly beautiful in the store or on Jennifer Lopez in that music video. But when you wear that lip colour now, it just doesn’t look like the same one you fell in love with. This might be because the lip makeup products you chose aren’t suitable or flattering for your skin tone.

It is crucial that you find lip colours that enhance your natural look. But how do you do that?

Know Your Undertone

If you know what your undertone is, it will help you choose the right colours for your lip makeup. We all have one of two undertones, either pink or yellow. A fool proof way to find out your undertone is to check the colour of your veins.

If your veins on the wrist are blue, you’ve got pink undertones. If your veins are green, you’ve got yellow undertones. If your veins look like a combination of both blue and green, you’ve got neutral undertones, which means lip makeup products in any colour will look flattering on you.

Get That Perfect Pout with The Right Lipper For You

Another way to find out your undertone is to see which kind of jewellery looks better with your skin. If gold suits you more, you’ve got yellow undertones, and if silver looks better on your skin, you’ve got pink undertones.

Which Colours Work Best with Your Undertone

Those with warm undertones like yellow should choose warmer colours like reds, browns, orange-reds, and similar shades. For pink undertones, choose cooler colours like mauves, pinks, purples, berry colours, and similar shades. And no matter what your undertone, avoid pale colours that may have hints of grey or ash.

Once you have figured out your undertones and have a general idea of what kind of shades to choose, let’s show you the best ways to wear dark, nude, and bright lip makeup products.

1. How to best wear dark lip colours

Dark lip makeup looks beautiful on Indian women. If you haven’t worn dark shades yet, go on and try one. If you’re feeling bold, finish off your dark lip colour with a hint of shimmer. It’ll tone down the intensity of the colour a bit and leave you with a great look for a dinner or a party.

Get That Perfect Pout with The Right Lipper For You

Notice the difference in your final look if you apply lip makeup products with a lip brush instead of direct from the stick. Before applying a dark lip colour, buff your lips with some foundation so that the final colour on the lips looks exactly like the original.

Try a romantic red or a cranberry or a deep chocolate brown if you’re a dark lipstick beginner.

2. How to best wear nude lip colours

Finding the right nude shade for your skin tone is crucial. Because if it doesn’t work on you, a nude shade could make you look pale and dull. Unlike popular belief, ‘nude’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘skin colour.’

Nude lip colour doesn’t mean it should match the actual colour of your skin. Get a nude shade that is either the same as your natural inner lip colour or one shade darker.

If you think nude lip makeup products are not for you, try tinted balms. They beautifully enhance the natural colour of your lips with a little pigment added to them.

3. How to best wear bright colours

Get That Perfect Pout with The Right Lipper For You

If you’re new to bright lip makeup, start with gorgeous reds, pinks, or oranges. When it comes to bright coloured lip makeup products, there is a little struggle, especially compared to choosing nude lip shades.

Go the classic way with a cream finish bright lip or make a modern, strong statement with a matte lip. Add a slight sheer to your bright lipstick by first applying a thin layer of lip balm underneath. 

Get That Perfect Pout with The Right Lipper For You

In the end, you must consider all the above points to decide which colours look best on you. If you want to experiment, don’t hold back. Splurge on those nudes and fuchsias you’ve been eyeing all this time. Try new lip makeup products with moisture enriched formula from trusted beauty brands like SERY Cosmetics. They’ve got a wide range of lovely lip colours with the goodness of Red Raspberry and Vitamin E that work well on Indian faces. Take a look and add your favourites to the cart today!

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