Types of Kisses You Must Know

Types of Kisses You Must Know

When it comes to sex, are you the one who prefers going for the kill straightaway? Is your girl always searching for that elusive kiss that will set her mood for the more intimate stuff? Well, you may not realize but a small mouth-to-mouth moment can lead to the most passionate sessions. You know what they say about foreplay, right? So let us discover the *kissing* ways by which you can captivate your girl from the time you said hi to the see you soon moment.

Make Room for the Legend- French Kiss

No maudlin impulses here. There are few things in the word which never get old with the times, French kiss is one of them. You start with the lips and then your tongue takes over. And there is only a miniscule chance that you won’t be all over each other in a matter of few minutes (if you are willing to wait for few minutes, that is). For those who need tips- Come closer, brush your lips ever so slightly, start with soft kisses and then go French. Explore all the hot spots on her tongue with your tongue and your reward would be on your way!

Look for the spots

Time to take your kisses down south! Ever seen those theatrical expressions of Tamil film heroines when their lover is kissing, licking and literally making out with their navel? Believe you me, there is not even an ounce of exaggeration there, as you would have believed till now. A playful act with your lips and tongue on your girl’s lower navel can send her to the trance.

But why just settle for the navel. Her inner thighs are a treasure trove of pleasure. Give her a little lick of the tongue and she’d be willing to let you do anything to her after that. Same goes for the area just above her ass.

‘Freeze Kiss’ for the Hottest Pleasure

This one is a sinfully scrumptious caramel. Put Freeze Kiss on your ‘I have to do this now’ list, if you haven’t tried it yet. Put a small cube of ice in your mouth, open your lips and kiss the lady. Let the ice travel between your mouths. That little cube of ice will set you both on fire- before the first word is spoken.

Finger Kiss

Girl licking finger

Imaginations run wild when she is sucking onto those fingers of yours. Seduction and pleasure don’t come in a better package! Of course, the closely linked imagination of she giving you head will only get you crazier. Ok, stop imagining, I am not done with my sermon. Keep reading!

The Agonisingly Sweet Wait for the Hostage Kiss

Now don’t be surprised if one fine day you see your girl looking like a kidnapped victim with tape on her lips. Kinkier is what she is trying to get. You will get a signal that she is really trying to tell you something. You remove the tape and there, she surprises you again by saying, “I’ve kept my lips under-wraps all day to save them only for you”.Saved them for you for what? You don’t want me to spell that out for you, do you?

There is a delirious romanticism to the deep-felt kisses that can bring a sparkle in your girl’s eyes and please her like nothing else. As for you, they bring in a lot many goodies with themselves.

Rohit Raina
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