Top 5 Celebrities with Totally Kissable Pouts

Top 5 Celebrities with Totally Kissable Pouts

img-2 Girls, girls, girls! They leave you wondering how they can look so good even when they are making an ugly duckface to get that perfect pout. Believe me, a pout can make you look sexy in your jumpers. And, when it is about celebrities, they know how to get the whole, “kiss me baby” thing right. Here are top five celebs who have been simmering the big and small screens with their totally kissable lips:



Rihanna: Agreed that her eyes score above her lips, but that just makes her all the more suitable for this category. Definitely, she scores number one on the luscious lips category.


 Cameron Diaz: The blue-eyed blonde oozes oomph. Complementing her perfect lips is a dazzling smile and oodles of confidence. Bow down to the beauty!

Scarlett Johansson: For those with a little weak memory, she was the one stealing the screen space in “Lost in Translation”. While a few managed to watch the flick many simply lost themselves all just because of the lady’s sexy pout.

 Angelina Jolie: Yes, you knew that the list would be incomplete without her being in it, and you were absolutely right. While there is a lot more to Angelina’s hotness quotient, her pout for sure has always been the talk of the town.


Kelly Brook: Now you have a name that makes you think ‘Playboy”. Definitely then, anything said would be an understatement!

However they got it (you know what I mean), and I completely believe that some have then NATURALLY; but what matters is that the pouts are worth it all.

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