5 Efficient Ways to Fit Exercise and Healthy Eating into Your Busy Life

5 Efficient Ways to Fit Exercise and Healthy Eating into Your Busy Life

Leading a fitness lifestyle comes as second nature to some people, but for many of us, squeezing a single workout into our weekly schedule can seem like an impossible task. Add to that, fitness is not just about working out but also about healthy eating, and the prospect of you getting fit becomes wishful thinking than a reality. But that doesn’t mean that you’re powerless to make a positive change, and if you really commit to the cause, you can even keep up your fitness routine during stressful times.

However, you have to know what you’re doing, because simply deciding that you’re going to start working out come Monday won’t cut it – you need a structured and well-rounded plan, even if you’re forced to exercise at home. So, let’s take a look at the five ways you can fit exercise and healthy eating into your busy life efficiently and with minimal risk of backing out. 

It all starts with a good plan

Throwing a workout session randomly at your schedule and hoping it sticks is a surefire way to quit your fitness journey before it even begins. Why? Because you’re busy enough as it is, now imagine having to hit the gym several times a week without burning out or letting one of your chores slip through the cracks. And slip it will.

Instead of praying that you’ll be able to survive your new routine, why not take a step back and make yourself a fitness schedule that actually makes sense? Firstly, analyze your entire weekly schedule. Next, see where you can fit a quick workout in – this will usually be in the morning before work, which is the best time to work out anyway. Finally, remember that you don’t need more than three half-hour workouts a week to feel healthy and look good, so don’t overdo it.

Mixing exercise principles

5 Efficient Ways to Fit Exercise and Healthy Eating into Your Busy Life

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There are many ways you can exercise efficiently, and combining various exercise principles can really help you minimize your time in the gym while still making great results and progress. For example, on your weight training days, instead of doing straight sets, you can always do supersets and even giant sets (combining two or more exercise) to make your workouts more time-efficient and even avoid injury. To put this in perspective, let’s say you’re training your booty and your shoulders on Mondays.

Instead of doing the booty portion first and then moving on to your shoulders, you can do one exercise for your glutes followed immediately by a shoulder exercise. If you do this for the whole workout, it will save you a lot of time, and you can apply the same principle whatever you’re training that day.

Supplement with essential nutrients

When it comes to eating healthy all week long, this can be one of the biggest challenges for busy people. Now, it is true that you should eat home cooked, wholesome meals if you want to build a body you can be proud of and if you want to be healthy overall, but sometimes this can be impossible to accomplish without supplementation.

Supplements are just that – they supplement your diet to make sure you get all the nutrients you need to keep your body energized and strong, which is why matching the best tasting protein powder with a multivitamin and mineral supplements like magnesium and zinc can really help you stay on top of your micro and macro nutrient intake. When you know you’re eating enough protein and that you’re getting the right vitamins and minerals every day, it will be much easier to stick to a healthy diet.

Let technology help you out

It doesn’t really matter if you’re exercising at the gym, in the park, of if you’re forced to find ways to exercise at home without losing your mind, there is no denying that staying consistent can be a real challenge. So why not let technology lend a helping hand? From smart apps to track your nutrition and help you stay accountable, to wearable tech that will monitor your physical performance and help you stay on top of your goals, you can use technology to make your workouts more efficient and effective no matter how busy you are.

Learn the art of meal prepping

5 Efficient Ways to Fit Exercise and Healthy Eating into Your Busy Life

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Lastly, learning to prep your meals for the following week can save hours of your time and help you stay consistent with your healthy diet. If you have some free time on the weekends, for example, you can prep the majority of your meals for the next week, separate everything neatly in Tupperware, put it in the fridge, and just don’t forget to bring a meal with you to work. This will save you money, time, and it will make sure you no longer have to order takeout during your lunch break.

Wrapping up

Leading a fitness lifestyle on a busy schedule is definitely not easy, but there are some pretty effective ways you can squeeze diet and exercise into your weekly routine. Use these tips to make fitness easy and rewarding, and achieve your health goals without burning out.

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