How To Add Flavour To Your Dishes Without Worrying About Calories?

How To Add Flavour To Your Dishes Without Worrying About Calories?

The malicious lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits have taken a toll over our lives. We love gorging on food dipped on oil, cheese, fatty creams and what have you. They taste so fine that it’s almost unfair they fill us up with calories.

Who doesn’t like to treat their taste buds, but people often end up forgetting about their health to curb their cravings. Whether it is junk food or dishes drenched in oil, anything that can harm your body should be avoided to the maximum extent. 

I understand it is quite challenging to give up on your favorite food or turn to healthy food recipes that are basically boring and tasteless. It is true that I have also struggled to maintain the balance between taste and health, and trust me; it has been quite a journey to reach an equilibrium after some serious patience and sacrifice. 

To be frank, though, it is not difficult as it may sound and neither that seamless as some enthusiastic souls think. It definitely needs a bit of research and an unwavering persistence in choosing your health without compromising on taste. 

How To Amp Up Your Dishes in Taste Without Adding Calories?

It is quite evident that when you decide to add more flavors to your food, it contributes to the total number of calories consumed. But, what if you can tweak up the flavors of your favorite dishes without mounting up the calories? Adding flavors to your dishes not only means that you need to increase the amount of sugar and fat. You can play smartly with the ingredients in order to create a balance. There are healthy ways to enhance the flavors of your dishes without having to worry about calories. 

One of the easiest ways is using herbs and spices. They can add the much desired aroma, taste, and texture to your food without piling on the fat, sugar or calories. Here are a few ways you can have healthy recipes to enhance the taste of your dishes without compromising on your wellness.

Avoid Going Overboard With Seasonings

 When you are using herbs or spices in your dishes as seasonings, it is advised not to overdo with a view to adding more flavours. Rest assured, it will ruin your dish beyond redemption. Use just the right amount of seasoning to maintain a balance. 

Use Fresh Ingredients

Though dried herbs and spices are easier to stock up in your pantry, when it comes to flavor enhancement, nothing to beat fresh herbs and spices. For instance, mixed spices are best when they are freshly grounded. You need to be careful about where to buy mixed spice that is freshly ground. Visit your grocery store and bring fresh herbs that you can instantly use. Keeping fresh herbs for long in your pantry is not a smart move. So you must use them as soon as possible. 

Use More Aromatic Spices

Our olfactory senses work wonders to get us tempted for food. For that, you can find a host of aromatic spices in the market and try them out. For instance, cardamom, cinnamon, etc. Try using more aromatic spices instead adding ingredients that would be harsh for your health and wellness. 

Season With Salt And Spices

When you are cooking veggies, you can season them with salt and spices before frying or sauteing to add more flavor. This way, the veggies will absorb all the flavors of spices. Coat your vegetables with spices and salt, keep it for a few minutes so that it can absorb the flavor. Once it gets adequately marinated, you can use the veggies to prepare your dishes. Every vegetable has its spice ingredients which enhance the taste in their own way. For best results, do some research about the spices that go well with specific vegetables.

The Bottom Line

It goes without saying that we all must take our health into consideration when we consume food. Using herbs and spices is unarguably the best way to bring a balance. I have been experimenting with herbs and spices for quite a long time, and they are flavor enhancers of the best kind. They add exquisite aroma, rich texture and an incredible taste to your boring dishes. Instead of adding fatty ingredients to amp up your dish’s taste, start thinking of adding herbs and spices instead.

Christie Lewis
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