Jump Rope vs. Running: Which One Is Better For You?

Jump Rope vs. Running: Which One Is Better For You?

When did you pick up jump rope last time? If it’s been a long time ago, you might be missing out on a killer workout. Running may be considered by people as one of the best cardio workouts but jumping rope also has various fitness benefits.

Below mentioned are the benefits of the jumping rope according to personal trainers.

Benefits of jumping rope

Jumping rope is the best exercise for everyone. Especially people who want lung, heart, and calorie-burning benefits. If you don’t have much time to spent, or even leave the house. The best thing about jumping rope is that you can do exercise with it anywhere. 

All you need is the best equipment that is lightweight, portable, and effective such as Rainbow Flow Jump rope. Running can help build lower-body strength while jumping rope targets the upper body.

Workout with jump rope helps to shape shoulders and strengthens the core. It can also increase power output and endurance. In addition, skipping rope is an opportunity that gives you chance to work on rhythm and coordination.

Which cardio workout is better?

Honestly, both running and jumping rope are effective cardiovascular exercises people can do for achieving fitness goals. Both of these are affordable as they cost very little. You can do them without going to the gym from any location where ever you live.

According to Michele Reed, D.O., a family medicine physician, and certified personal trainer both running and jumping rope exercises can lead to benefits in how you walk or stand. As for which one is better from jumping rope workout and running? 

Well, it depends from person to person and on their circumstances.  If you are no suffering from any arthritis or knee pain then you are the perfect candidate to run. According to reed, if you are working for a limited time then jumping rope is good for you especially to improve agility and flexibility. 

On the other hand, if you have specific goals such as calorie-burning, muscle building, etc. Then you will need to work out accordingly. For instance, running can build more leg muscles, including glutes and quads.

Is jumping rope better for burning calories

Jumping rope helps in burning the same calories per minute as running an eight-minute mile. Therefore, if you can run long distances then you can maintain that pace and run to burn more calories. On the other hand, if endurance and pace aren’t your strong suits, then jumping rope at a high intensity will be almost equally efficient. While jumping rope exercise can burn more calories in less period of time compared to running.

So, both running and jumping rope can burn a similar amount of calories. But as we discussed above that skipping rope can help you burn more calories in a shorter period of time. In addition, jumping rope can be done easily on the knees and the joints because it needs a smaller range of motion. Skipping rope also helps in building strength in areas that need support.

How to add jump rope into your workout routine.

You can consider skipping rope either as a cardio workout itself or a warm-up exercise to your workout. 

There are various ways mentioned below to apply it to your workout regimen.

1. Try this warm-up exercise:

  • Start doing Jump rope with moderate speed  for 2 minutes
  • Now, Take a rest for 1 minute
  • Repeat the same  for 3 rounds 

2. You can also do warm-up like this-

  • Jump rope with both feet for 1 minute
  • Jump rope with your right foot for the next 1 minute 
  • Jump rope with your left foot for 1 minute
  •  Now use both feet for skipping rope1 minute

Bottom Line.

Now you can easily decide what is best for you.

Of course, the best exercise is the one you’ll do. If endurance and speed are your jam, running may be good for you. On the other hand if quick and convenient is more in your style, then you should absolutely consider jump rope. Because it is more efficient at burning calories, and anyone can do it easily anywhere.

Christie Lewis
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