6 Smart Ways to Make Exercising at Home Fun

6 Smart Ways to Make Exercising at Home Fun

You didn’t hang up your sneakers merely because your gym closed, did you? While it’s understandable to miss the camaraderie you shared in your favorite Pound class, if you care about your health and wellness during lockdown, you can have a blast working out at home, too. 

Exercising offers many health benefits, including a stronger immune system and a healthier heart. If you want to head into summer feeling fit, fabulous and oh-so-proud of yourself for sticking to your goals, try these tips.

1. Find Something You Love

When you talk about working out, do you say you have to do it — or that you get to move your body? When you find a fitness program you adore, exercising becomes the best part of your day. You look forward to your daily session, and you feel upset if you miss it. 

You can choose from a variety of fitness apps, many of which feature free trials so you can try before you buy. If you don’t have any wiggle room in your budget, more options exist on YouTube than you could work through in a lifetime. Try searching by style or body part. 

2. Add New Zest to Old Moves 

2 girls working out together for acrobatic Yoga

Were you feeling stuck in a workout rut before the coronavirus pandemic? There’s no need to adopt a whole new routine. Instead, spice up old moves to add more of a challenge.

Unique workout moves

For example, instead of doing standard squats, try a wall version that you hold isometrically as long as you can. If you are convinced that maintaining a plank pose for two minutes is enough for anyone, transform it into a crawl by alternately bending and straightening your arms. 

3. Enlist a Friend — Safely

Working out with a friend at home

A workout buddy can motivate you, even virtually. Find a friend with similar fitness goals and agree to check in with each other on your workout days. This added component of accountability can motivate you when the couch and Netflix start singing a siren song in duet. 

4. Play Some Games  

Man and woman working out together as a couple

Do you — or your kids — have a game console? If so, why not play your way to better health? You can find games that suit nearly any interest and ability level. If you had a library card before the shutdown and your local branch offers virtual lending, you may be able to rent games for free to add variety to your routine. 

5. Get Some Fresh Air 

Did you think you needed to limit your outdoor workouts to walks around the block? Nonsense! If you have a school near your home, chances are, the stadium remains open for exercise. You can get a killer workout running up and down the stairs and using the risers for bodyweight exercises. Just be sure to wash your hands when you head indoors. 

Woman in tights exercising in the open

If you have a nature area near your home, why not go for a hike? In Japan, they frequently practice shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, which has considerable mental and physical health benefits. Plus, you will blast your quads and hamstrings. 

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6. Make It a Two-for-One Special 

Even if you have run out of closets to organize, your house gets messy during the day. Cleaning burns calories and increases your heart rate if you attack the dirt vigorously enough. You can make it even more fun by creating some homemade mop-socks and skating your way to a cleaner kitchen floor. 

When you get out the broom to sweep your porch, put it behind your head like a barbell and perform a few squats first. You can work your arm strength by scrubbing at caked-on oven grease instead of reaching for the instant cleaner. 

Make Exercising at Home a Blast

Women in tights stretching her legs

If you want to stick to your exercise program while at home, you need to make working out fun! Doing so will motivate you and give you something to make you smile every day.

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