Things You Don’t Know About Minions

Things You Don’t Know About Minions

With their weird yet cute banana like look, the Minions have lately been the talk of every teenage gang, social media..and of course the food stalls. The curious case of what a Minion speaks can be deciphered knowing that a minion speaks a mixture of Spanish, French, as well as Food References.

So when you listen one blabbering a ‘Bable’ you can count on the closest rhyming word which is nothing but ‘Apple’. Funnily..I swear for them equals underwear..haha! Funny fruit-shaped-yellow-creatures; they are equally cute one-eyed and two-eyed.

Now all those who thought that the Minions have been and will always remain cute, think about the ones that have turned purple with envy and animosity. Those are the crewel ones who pick a fight with the banana-sweet ones.

Another thing that you mightn’t know is that the evil ones take their inspiration from the Looney Toons. Despicable Me 2 is about the Minions turning evil..or is it about evil Minions? Now that’s something that you’ll either get to know reading the reviews or by watching the flick.

  • For now you ought to know what you not know about the minions. So, you do not know that:
  • Minions are not just banana shaped (huh. Really!)
  • They are now coming in purple and black too (Oh wow!)
  • They have the voice of  Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud (whoppie)
  • Sandra Bullock will be soon joining the Minion family (yippiee)
  • Facebook has awesome Minion stickers in its sticker basket(Gleeeee)

With that much bit to know a little more about the tiny creatures with an odd voice don’t you feel closer to them? I guess, I am really growing fonder. Guess what, I just bought a happy meal from McDonald for the sake of a Minion.

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