Indian Currency Like You’ve Never Seen It

Indian Currency Like You’ve Never Seen It

Whee! That sheer joy of smelling an old currency note – something that now takes the tag of vintage. The myriad faces of Indian currency – they form the ultimate route to childhood nostalgia, or if one was to further go down the memory lane, to cherish the idea what one’s ancestors carried in their pockets.

Money as we know, in its intangible form is all about power and wealth. But there is an intangible value to it as well. Think about the oldest 50 paisa coin that you’ve ever touched or seen. Reminds you of an entire era, doesn’t it? Lets walk past the memory lanes with some unseen faces of currency today. Check if you got one of these in your collection:

The Rupee One

The Rupee Two

The Rupee Five

The Miscellaneous Collection: SOME RARE PIECES

Wrapping It Up With Some Coins


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