How Vintage, Antique, And Retro Jewellery Are Different

How Vintage, Antique, And Retro Jewellery Are Different

When you look at the different types of jewellery available to buy, you may notice terms such as antique, retro, or vintage and are not aware of the differences. There are some distinct differences between these types of jewellery, and knowing the difference can help you buy with confidence. 

Below are the differences between these types of jewellery so you understand what you might be purchasing and can help to ensure you get a good deal.

Antique Jewellery

The word antiques comes from the Latin word antiquus, which means old or ancient. For something to be considered an antique, including jewellery, it needs to be 100 years or older; if an item is younger than this, it is not an authentic antique. When it comes to acquiring authentic antiques, you may want to check out online stores or dealers. They’re among the best places to buy antique rings online and they also offer other pieces of jewellery. Aside from the online world, you may visit physical stores close to where you live that offer beautiful antique jewellery for sale. You can also pick up bargains at antique fairs, auctions, and at local car boot sales, and if you understand what you are purchasing, you may be able to get an excellent bargain.  

Vintage Jewellery

Vintage jewellery will usually refer to items between 50 and one hundred years old that are not quite antiques. As with antique jewellery, you can find vintage jewellery in many places, including online stores, auctions, and antique fairs. Many antique shops may also have this type of jewellery for sale even though they are not antique as they are so popular with people looking to buy jewellery. At the time of writing this, any jewellery made between 1920 and 1971 is considered vintage. There are some exquisite designs from which to choose when you are looking to purchase vintage jewellery of this type.

Retro Jewellery

Retro jewellery is an entirely different kettle of fish, and although it may look old, it may be a lot younger than you may think. If something is retro, it imitates a style of fashion that was previously popular and has been made to replicate the style. As such, you can have modern made jewellery that is classed as retro because it copies a previous style, such as Art Deco. Knowing the difference between these different classifications of jewellery can help you not overspend when you see something you like, so you may need to educate yourself to tell the difference.

Telling The Difference Between The Different Types Of Jewellery

You can learn a lot about the different types of jewellery and how to tell the difference online. There are many informative websites and forums you can join to read and educate you so you can tell the difference. You can also visit your local antique shops selling different types of jewellery and ask questions from the proprietor. If the jewellery you are interested in is made from precious metals, it will also have a hallmark, and you can use this to tell when a piece was made. 

Taking the time to learn about these different jewellery styles can help ensure you know what you are buying and have an idea of its worth, so you do not overpay. 

Christie Lewis
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