Top 5 Fashion Influencers You Should Follow

Top 5 Fashion Influencers You Should Follow

Remember the days when you were younger, flipping through store-bought issues of Teen Vogue, wondering how Anne Hathaway could look so stylish in a pair of boyfriend jeans and a leather blazer, and wondering how you could get that same look too? Well, those days are gone. Well, not the days of trying to get style tips from fashionable celebrities – the days of taking pointers from fashion magazines.

A lot has changed since the iPhone and other mobile devices revolutionized how we search, how we communicate, and how we get fashion tips. And magazines have taken note of this too. Magazine companies like Vogue and Elle still print copies of their magazines to sell on newsstands but understand the change that has taken place in our society and have suitably transitioned much of their content to social media. 

Another major change? The fact that anyone today, with a big enough following, can be a style influencer. Once celebrities and models were the only types of people who could profit endlessly from the clothing lines and companies that wanted them to advertise their products. Today? Just about anyone with a unique sense of style, backed by a massive Instagram following, can rake in a couple of hundred dollars from a single post. This is all thanks to the digital revolution that has allowed users of social media to reach millions and millions of people each day.

We can’t blame you for wanting to dress as insanely well as the influencers flooding your Instagram feed. In fact, we’re here to tell you which influencers we think are most on-trend, all of whom are in their 20’s, and whose looks we could all benefit from. 

1. Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is, dare I say it, one of the most legendary singers of all time, and has taken the world by storm over the past year, releasing not one but two albums that have broken countless music industry records. She’s been on a non-stop world tour this past year, and her ventures don’t stop there. Grande is the new face of Givenchy and has always been one to be creative with her looks. Known for her traditional waist-length ponytail and thigh-high boots, Ariana has been setting trends for quite some time.

Now if you’re on the short side and have always hated your height, Ariana has been able to pull off some amazing fashion looks that you could benefit from. Due to her style choices and exuding confidence, we sometimes forget that Grande is only 5 feet tall! If you want to feign a taller appearance, take a note from her style book and try wearing heels with dresses or oversized t-shirts that are on the shorter side. The space between the bottom of your dress to the top of the shoes can do wonders when it comes to adding the illusion of height. Platform sneakers with crop tops are also a great look to add to your wardrobe arsenal.

2. Jenn Im

Jenn Im is one of the most popular Asian influencers on the internet today, and if you haven’t heard of her, then you probably don’t spend a lot of time on social media. She has her own clothing line @eggieshop, has modeled for major clothing lines like Revolve, and has made appearances at many huge name events such as Beautycon, and was even invited to interview attendees at the Lion King Premiere, where Beyonce made an appearance. 

If you’re someone who’s fun-loving and easy-going, but you also like to take risks with your wardrobe, your fashion inspiration should come from Jenn Im, who isn’t afraid to experiment with colors. Her latest wardrobe looks find her donning oversized baggy pants and often knee-high boots. She also likes to pair simple t-shirts with leather shorts and blazers.

3. Kylie Jenner

You may not be a huge Kardashian fan, but there’s no way that we could leave Kylie Jenner off this list. As someone who needs no further introduction, Kylie is the youngest self-made billionaire in history, thanks to her makeup and skincare like Kylie Cosmetics. She’s a representation of everything that fun and exciting about being a twenty year old. Kyle has her own fashion line with her sister Kendall and has also modeled clothing lines on her page such as Fashion Nova.

Going out for a date night, or out clubbing with the girls? Kylie is your go-to style look for these kinds of nights. Form-fitting dresses help to accentuate curves and add definition to the body. Try pairing leather skirts and pants with a matching crop top or a colorful blazer to add some panache. 

4. Zendaya

Don’t let Zendaya’s Disney star past and girl next door exterior fool you. Beneath the sweet, simple girl who still lives at home with her parents persona is a bonafide fashion icon who isn’t afraid to break boundaries when it comes to fashion and couture. This past year she teamed up with Tommuy Hilfiger to release her Tommy x Zendaya collection. Her fearless red carpet looks at major events such as the Met Gala have cemented her status as a favorite fashion icon. 

Zendaya pulls of a sleek, modern style that can be the perfect look for any college girl or women in their 20’s. Although she exudes confidence, her vibe is also effortless, preferring to wear flowing dresses, and pantsuits, often in an ode to old fashion styles. On days when she feels a need to dress more comfortably, because who wants to wear heels and tight dresses all day, Zendaya can be seen trendy cropped sweatshirts with high top sneakers. 

5. Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Elegant and poised, everything about Bollywood turned Hollywood star Priyanka Chopra screams couture. Her carefree, adventurous spirit has allowed her to shine and prosper where many international stars have had a difficult time. She has landed pivotal roles in many movies and shows, including Quantico, the show that made her a household name.

For the hard-working, professional woman, Chopra’s looks are also perfect for the office, especially when you want to stand out and make an impression. Another style tip to personalize your looks are to embrace your culture and find little ways to incorporate pieces of your tradition into your wardrobe when you can. 

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