Top 5 budget-friendly and cool wedding party favors

Top 5 budget-friendly and cool wedding party favors

Weddings are around the corner and there is an urgent need to shop for gifts and wedding party favors, however, that is seemingly not getting possible due to a chaotic schedule. Well, gone are those days where you have to worry about buying wedding gifts or party favors.

Current times are such that you just need to connect to a digital device and buy gifts online for every wedding and other formal parties, which usually happen within minutes.

Do expensive gifts rule over DIY favors?

10 years ago, such a ruthless statement would have made sense. However, with the expansion of digital footprint in the world, things, rules, and ruthlessness changed in the business process giving way to the rise of coolest and most valuable party favors that feel like a shocker to the incoming guests.

Under such an immense and diverse network connected digitally around the world, you never have to worry about buying party favors.

Since that, you are getting the coolest and most exciting favors online, why would there be any demand for expensive ones. According to Mandy, an independent copywriter, DIY crafts and arts are definitely the ones to go with against any expensive wedding party favors.

She argued that the creative collaboration put into the DIY products and crafts are beautiful and creative enough to impress the guests although many may also feel cheap about it.

FAQs on DIY favors

  1. Do you provide discounts while buying online? 

Yes, if you buy in bulk.

  1. Are the DIY Favors good enough?

Quality-wise they are the best as they are mostly hand-crafted.

  1. What is the production time?

Usually, it takes 8-14 days depending upon the complexity of the product.

  1. Do you take returns?

No. As all products are custom-made, it is recommended to select your choice and buy accordingly.

  1. Will you provide me with any warranty?

No. As all products are custom-made or handcraft, it is recommended to check the right product.

3 things you can do to make your DIY favors a hit

As you are conspicuously busy and waiting for the big day where hundreds of guests would be coming, the main objective of throwing an exciting surprise for the guests would mainly come from the favors.

Hence, at this minute, it is advisable to do with proper planning and development of the coolest and exciting party favors that would bring momentous pleasure to the event.

Three things are necessary to come up with an exciting gift package for the guests. 

  1. If you are not good with arts and crafts, hire or lend help from friends, relatives, or colleagues who are good in creative designing and crafting.
  2. Think, design, and arrive carefully at a solution or product like key chains, personalized sunglasses, customized matchboxes or even wedding wine glasses, etc.
  3. Make sure to use high-quality raw materials and hand tools to design and craft the end-user product.

List of 5 best, cool and Cheap Wedding favors

  1. Arrow with Heart Matchboxes: Arrow with Heart MatchBoxes. Each set contains 25 Customized Wedding Matchboxes.
  1. Antique Brass Anchor-shaped Bottle Opener: Comes with free custom tags and elegant finish.
Anchor Opener
  1. Silver Bottle Opener: The infinity symbol serves not only the purpose of home or table décor but also as a bottle opener.
  1. “Drunk in Love” Wine Glass: Surprise your guests with a light-weight stemless wine glass
  1. Lighthouse Tea Light Candle Holders: Empower your lavish wedding party with appealing candle holder favors that look like a lighthouse.
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