Why Spring is a Great Season For Your Wedding

Why Spring is a Great Season For Your Wedding

Comfortably warm temperatures, iconic flowers in bloom and pretty pastels everywhere – is there a better time than Spring to have a wedding!

There is no right or wrong time of the year to tie the knot. But if you pin us down, and demand our favourite season for a wedding, it would have to be Spring. Summer may seem like the obvious time to plan your celebration, but Spring offers so many hidden advantages, and we’re going to share them with you today.

Spring is the season of budding flowers, sunshine, and drinks outside. A period of renewal, and new beginnings. And what bigger new beginning is there than a marriage? The symbolism attached to this season will certainly help to make your wedding feel even more meaningful. And every year, as the new season’s flowers bloom, you’ll get the chance to reflect on your happy wedding memories.

Symbolism aside, what are the advantages of a Spring wedding, and why do we think you should have one? Besides all those breezy wedding dresses you can choose from! Well, keep on scrolling and find out!

Why You Should Host a Spring Wedding

You Can Celebrate Outdoors

As long as you have a plan B, there’s no reason why you can’t plan to have lots of wedding day moments spent outside. Maybe your wedding band could play outdoors? And encourage your guests to dance in the afternoon sun. Or if you’re really confident of blue skies, maybe host your whole reception on the lawn?

Our advice, Spring weather is tricky to predict. Plan to have some ‘spontaneous’ moments outside if the weather is fine on the day. Like your first dance, imagine your floaty wedding dress catching the breeze as you take your first dancing steps together in the great outdoors! Less logistically heavy activities like this are much easier to plan for than a whole reception meal outside.

You’ll Save Some Money

Spring weddings may be becoming increasingly popular, but they are still not as in demand as a Summer celebration during ‘wedding season‘. Which means you’re likely to save on your wedding venue, and suppliers if you book for between March and May. You’ll have greater flexibility in when you can marry too, as there’ll be less demand for those coveted weekend spots.

  1. Better Choice of Wedding Dresses

If you marry in Winter, you’ll need something long, with sleeves. During Summer, you’ll want to be wearing something as light as possible, without too much fuss. Spring bridal styles offers you the happy medium. You can go for those heavier details such as long sleeves, and lace, without fear of overheating. And equally, Summer fabrics can be worn, safe in the knowledge that you won’t freeze as you walk down the aisle.

There’s no More Beautiful Time for Flowers

Spring offers up so many wonderful varieties of wedding flowers because there are so many beautiful blooms in season at that time. From Peonies and Sweet Peas, to Poppies and Dahlias. There are a plethora of iconically stunning floral choices on offer, and they’re all ideal for weddings, and not just for your bouquet. Your floral arch, ceremony aisle, flower wall, centrepieces – all of these places can easily be given a pop of Spring by using a few in-season stems.

  1. Countless Honeymoon Destinations to Choose From

Most newly-weds prefer to whisk themselves away on honeymoon as soon as the wedding is over. And if you’re planning to tie the knot in Spring, you’ll be blessed with an abundance of places to choose from. At far better prices than in Summer. Plus, the kids won’t be on holiday yet, so you’ll have the beach to yourselves…!

Rohit Raina
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