Simple Renovation Tips for Spring

Simple Renovation Tips for Spring

You know it’s time to hit that reset button in your life when the days get warmer and color finally returns to the trees, grass, and sky. As the flowers begin to bloom, now is the time to get ahead of those renovation plans — before the heat of summer sets in. Just like nature sheds the weight of winter, so should you and your home! 

Renovation can get arduous, so you can hire gardening and tree care professional Springtown or roll up your sleeves and get down to work yourself.

Here are some simple tips to get you ready to welcome the changing season.

First, The House

Our houses go through a lot during the winter, particularly those subjected to freezing temperatures and mounds of snow. If your house is older, it’s likely that the pipes have been put through their paces the past few months. 

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Some of your home’s piping could be struggling to flow properly thanks to the long winter, and, come springtime, you might find yourself dealing with a smelly backup permeating your bathroom and kitchen sinks. 

Not exactly the fresh sunshine and daisies smell you were hoping for this season.

Luckily, sprucing up your piping is easier than you think. According to plumbing experts, there are several simple, yet effective options to get rid of those lingering smells and get your pipes running smoothly again. They recommend:

  1. Pouring boiling water or vinegar down the drain: Start with half and go slowly. After waiting a few minutes, rinse your pipes with a good stream of cold water to help solidly left behind gunk and finish pouring the other half of the hot water or vinegar down the drain.
  2. Pouring baking soda and vinegar down the drain: Another option (or additionally) is using one cup of baking soda and two cups of vinegar. After you run some hot water down the drain for several seconds, pour the baking soda down the drain followed by the hot vinegar. Let the two get to know what another for an hour or so and then flush the drain once again with hot tap water.
  3. Clean the P-trap: This option requires a bit of elbow grease. Start with putting on some rubber gloves. Now, look under your sink and remove the curved portion of the plumbing with a wrench. The trap is likely to be filled with water and gunk, which you should empty into a bucket or trash can. Finally, take the P-trap outside and give it a good rinse. And, of course, reassemble the plumbing before using the sink again.
  4. Clean the drain vent: This option might require help from professionals if you’re not feeling confident enough on your own. However, it’s still a quick fix in the grand scheme of things. If you’re feeling up to the task however, then all you’ll need is a sturdy ladder and some work gloves. Most houses have a drain vent that terminates from a single opening on the roof. Climb up to the opening and clear away any leaves or other debris clogging the drain vent. And voila!

A good spring cleaning gives both you and your house a fresh start. Besides a good scrub down, taking care of your house’s internal workings can help ensure you’ll have many more springs together. 

Second, The Yard

Now, let’s set our sights outside of the home. Your lawn and patio after winter are likely in need of some attention. Winter conditions often leave your lawn in disarray and an undesirable film on all of your patio furniture and equipment. 

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As the sun’s warmth finally starts hitting your yard, you’re probably eager to start enjoying more time outside. Plus, as the months roll on, it’ll be time to start throwing those outdoor parties and family gatherings. If it’s been a while since you last updated your outdoor entertainment area, then shop around for some unique, fresh pieces. 

Consider stopping by your local thrift stores for vintage drink and dining ware. Design your own customized coasters for your next brunch or spring equinox celebration to make for a great conversation starter. Fairy lights strung around your table or wrapped around some trees will really take your outdoor space to the next level also. Don’t forget to give your patio set some TLC — dishwashing soap and hot water is a simple, effective cleaning solution. 

If your lawn has seen better days a quick way to bring it back to life is by getting a fertilizer high in nitrogen. It’ll wake your lawn up after its winter slumber and from there you can start long-term maintenance. If you start early enough you’ll have an impressive lawn just in time for the family Easter egg hunt.   

Third, The Wardrobe

Now that the house and yard are taken care of, it’s time to give your closet a makeover as well. Refreshing your wardrobe cannot only get you more into the springtime mindset but now is the perfect opportunity to find even more looks that are flattering for your figure. Think, “new spring, new me.” 

Change is a good thing. Just like the seasons, letting go of the old to make room for the new is healthy and can lead to bigger and better things. Gettik explains, “Making changes to your wardrobe is perhaps the easiest way to update your personal style. To start, choose new pieces that will set the foundation for your new look.” They go on to suggest prioritizing a new great pair of jeans and investing in neutral basics like shirts and dresses that can be easily dressed up or down with the right accessories. 

A fresh haircut can also do wonders for your wardrobe if you’re tight on money this spring. Try a new color or even cutting off a few more inches than you normally do. If you want to keep your wardrobe makeover really simple, experiment with your usual go-to makeup. A bold winged eyeliner is an eye-catching addition to your outfits. 

A home renovation doesn’t have to be complicated, minimal adjustments and pieces can have a big impact. Find the areas in your home that need the most attention and make a point to prioritize them before summer arrives and makes it’s too hot to do anything, other than refilling your glass of iced tea.


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