Minimal Home Décor Pieces to Redecorate Your Home

Minimal Home Décor Pieces to Redecorate Your Home

Clutter, overdone, over-the-top – if these words make you cringe and you don’t know why, chances are that you’re a minimalist, but you don’t know it yet. When it comes to home décor accessories, your ideal style is to use just the right number of pieces that are as unique as they are conversation-worthy. 

If you’re looking to redo your home into something that’s more ‘you,’ we’ve got some striking options that will satisfy the minimalist in you. Create a statement with these modest, urban home décor accessories and get your guests talking.

Keeping it Green

Seagrass Belly Basket – Blue & Natural

Around the house, there’s nothing quite like spotting some green in a few places. A planter here, a pot there, will add a beautiful break to your monotone walls. And, you will agree that no home décor accessories list is complete without a planter. How about instead of using a regular pot, you put your favourite palm or hibiscus in this natural fibre blue and beige Seagrass Belly Basket? It’s perfect for bringing out the colours of any room. If you don’t prefer plants inside the house, this is great to hold your magazines and newspapers in place of a dull metal stand. 

Light Up in Style

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Black Buck Votive (Set of 2)

If you’re going to learn to master the art of minimalism, it needs to extend beyond planters. Understated home décor accessories like votives will elevate the overall look of any room without drawing too much attention. Remade using recycled iron, this Set of Black Votive with a slight gold touch is traditional yet exceptional. Add some much-needed character to that idle corner or your entryway table and complete with tea lights that inspire a sense of calm. It takes up little space and makes for a great conversation-starter.

Illuminate Your Space

LED String light

Plants, walls, photo frames, Christmas trees, windows, curtains – is there anything that string lights can’t transform into something dreamy? Interior decorators will agree that home décor accessories often remain incomplete without lamps. We say, leave the lamps for something more minimalistic and mesmerizing. Brighten up any corner with a string of soft, beautiful LED bulbs. Fit them into a rare glass bottle or throw them over those planters in the living room. Truly embrace minimalism with this subdued lighting alternate.

Fly High!

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Beaufort Airplane – Small

Home décor accessories don’t always have to solve a purpose. Anything that will add depth to your décor or makes you a little proud because you own it is just what should be in your home. Talking about distinctive accessories, if you have a soft spot for airplanes, you won’t be able to keep your hands off this beauty. Aviation enthusiast or not, this hand-crafted stunning Sheesham wood Beaufort Airplane will bring a smile every time you look. The right blend of old-world charm and effortless workmanship, this right here, is an investment-worthy piece.

Bloom Where You’re Planted

Test Tube Vase (Set of 3)

Every time you’re online looking for flower vases, you already know what you’re going to see. The same chunky, boring vases that have been repeated way too many times to be rebought. Here’s one that will get your attention instantly. Made from brass, this minimalist flower holder is perfect for exhibiting a single rose or dainty wildflowers. Set it on your centre table or nightstand for a little flourish. This statement Test Tube Vase Set is great when displayed as-is too.

When creating a minimalistic interior for your home, it’s all about the choices you make. Keep it simple, subtle, and stylish. A handful of brands in India are known for their phenomenal, minimal products that can transform your home with the slightest additions. The lovely selection at Nicobar will tempt you to shop for more than you ever intended. Your home reflects your style and what better way to decorate than pick out the small things yourself? Minimal, contrary to popular belief, is far from boring. It asks for great restraint. In some ways, minimalism is bold, displaying your confidence through your home décor accessories. Start your journey to subtlety with the right products that fit perfectly into your home.

Rohit Raina
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