How To Amp Up Your Room Decor Without Burning Your Pocket

How To Amp Up Your Room Decor Without Burning Your Pocket

Getting bored with your living room set up is normal if you haven’t made any changes in a long time. But is it always too affordable to break the pattern and make the tweaks? Yes, if only you know how to do it in a budget friendly way. Since your room needs an upgrade every once in a while to keep that fresh vibe going and to put a break on the monotony, we have come up with a list of a few things you can do to your room. And yes, these are all affordable suggestions so you need not burn a hole in your pocket. 

Opt for Tapestries

To liven up your living space, you can buy tapestries. They are affordable and add up to bohemian feels. The thick fabric can find a place on the wall at the back of your bed.

If you are into DIY, you can make one according to your convenience and taste. Go for block printing, embroidery or you can draw a mandala pattern.

Add A Quirky Touch With The Posters

For those who love posters and artwork that match their vibe, hanging some relatable posters will do wonders. You can have your own gallery right in front of your eyes just when you get out of the bed.

You can buy quirky posters for room and add them to the collection straight away.

Rearrange Your Book Collection

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If you are a bookworm, we bet you might have the collection going right on the side table in a pile. To make your room a lot more spacious and arranged, you can shop for some bookends and arrange your books on the shelf in real fashionable way. You can also stack them up in a high pile and form a pillar. This will look interesting and take much less space.

Go For Patterned Wallpapers For Cupboards And Closets

If you want to redo your closets and cupboards in a budget friendly way, grab some patterned sheets or wallpaper and get to work. You can start by revamping your refrigerator’s look. Use a washi tape and contact paper to form horizontal stripes on the door. Next up, take the wallpaper and start working on the drawers and doors. You will find a noticeable change and a refreshed look of your room.

Clean Up And Make Space

While you are working towards redecoration of your room entirely, make sure that you get rid of all the unnecessary stuff altogether. You may not realise it but it takes up a lot of space that can be put to better use. So, donate your old clothes and make space in your closet. Get rid of the old furniture and other useless stuff. 

Re-do The Lighting

The best and affordable way to change things in your room is to play with the lighting a bit. Yes, if you add on to some dim lights or hang some string lights. You can also buy suspending lantern or bulbs from your ceiling. 

Consider adding in some state lighting, too, to serve as a centerpiece for the largest areas in your home (e.g., the living room and the dining room). If your home interior is minimalist-inspired, decorations should be used sparingly to go with the theme. Statement lighting pieces allow you to add more to your decor while improving your space’s lighting without compromising your home’s design theme

Get Some Plants

plants and greenery for living room interiors

If you are a  plant lover, you can get yourself some indoor plants and amp up your decor in a natural way. These plants also help in air purification and up the oxygen levels in the air. You can place them on your study table or you can put them above higher furniture. 

Hang Basket From The Ceiling


Another way to save space and give your home decor an upgrade, buy some baskets. To avoid forming a cluster on your side table, hang a basket from your ceiling to keep fruits and snacks. You can also find it a place to keep your essentials such as chargers and USB cables.

Go Natural

Why not add some nature feels to your room, right? Get your hands on some wood and use them as curtain rods. You can also go ahead and paint them to rest against the wall as a show piece. Incorporating raw element to your room will make it look classy.

Paint Your Things On Your Own

Adding some personal touch to your normal stuff is another fun way to upgrade your room decor. You can go ahead and paint your side table, lamp post, cupboard door and other stuff in the colours you like. 

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