Salman Khan to Host Aam Aadmi??

Salman Khan hosting Aam Aadmi

From Bigg Boss to ‘Aam Aadmi’, Salman Khan Comes Full Circle. All the Bigg Bos fans who are already missing  Salman Khan the host and are pretty disappointed with the reports doing the rounds that he won’t be hosting the next season, Bigg Boss 8, have a good piece of news coming their way.

 The Dabangg superstar, the king of entertainment and humor, is all set to host the show with a kind of name that’s the current favor of the season, ‘Aam Aadmi’. ‘Aad Aadmi’ will be a reality show where we are set to see a completely different side of Salman Khan. As his fans await his new avatar with bated breath, here is wishing him all the best with his madcap humor and loopy-ness.



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