11 of Shahrukh Khan’s Best Performances Ever

In a career that can hardly boast of great cinematic endeavours, there have been movies & performances where Shahrukh was so good that he stopped being an actor, and became a man most of us grew up as, or grew up with, writes Rohit Raina

Heartthrob, superstar, and a bloody good actor– all these things coexist happily in Shahrukh Khan, the actor who comes with open arms and romantic monologues blazing. That said, even the most ardent of his admirers are clouded when asked to comment on SRK’s acting abilities. UNFAIR, when you consider the assortment of roles he has donned in his long and illustrious career. FAIR, when you consider that such roles have been agonisingly few and far in between.

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And that ‘in between’ has been filled with ludicrously lurid dumbs like Ra.One, KANK, Chalte Chalte – colossally disappointing those who like both, SRK and good cinema! Alright, these movies ‘sell’, but it’s high time SRK gives up these decrepit excuses for making miserable movies. Entertainment and humor is needed, but in sane doses.

Hold on, didn’t the title suggest something else? Yes, crucify me! Even though, I believe we haven’t seen the best of Shahrukh Khan yet (not consistently enough, at least), but there have been performances where Shahrukh was so good that he stopped being an actor, and became a man most of us grow up as, or grown up with:

Darr (1993)

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For a lot of fans, nothing beats Shahrukh’s devilish, denatured turn in Yash Chopra’s blockbuster Darr. Give SRK a role that brings out the lunatic in him, and trust him to knock that role out of the park. Too bad, he stopped doing such roles – so much for the fear of being stereotyped.

Veer Zaara (2004)

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The young Veer was just fine, but its SRK’s turn as the imprisoned Veer, made old by the tire of time, that makes you sit up and take notice. It is not the first time you see a young actor playing a wrinkled, old person, but few have done it with such a rhythmical charge.

Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa (1993)

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Admit it, somewhere in the corner of your room, under that blanket, you did shed a tear, you did want the anti-hero, Sunil, to win his lady love, Anna.

Baazigar/Anjaam (1993)

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If Baazigar was a story of a young boy consumed in revenge,  Anjaam was a tale of a baleful and love-consumed lunatic burning down the limits to suit his goddamn crazy, obsessive love-lust.


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Easily his most underrated roles, both movies saw a restrained Shahrukh Khan, coming out of the skin of a lover boy (even though Pardes was a love story) and living the characters as they would live, if alive.

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995)

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What can be said about a movie which has made its way into the hearts of anyone who apparently has a heart! Shahrukh’s Raj allowed himself a love feast, and in the process, created a gift for the not-so-romantic us.

Devdas (2002)

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Kaun kambakht bardaasht karne ko peeta hai never gets old. SRK’s Dev grabs you by your heart till you concede.

Josh (2000)

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Make room for Max, the leader of the Eagle gang. The “Maidaan ka yeh baanjoo apun log ka… “ was played on TV day in and day out, and we couldn’t get enough of the biker dude Sharukh doing his stuff with the chain and all the mambo jambo. Though, there were inevitable comparisons with Aamir of Ghulam, there was no denying that SRK played ‘Max’ by his own crazy – brilliant – terms.

Dil Se (1998)

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The appetizing combination Shahrukh-Mani Ratnam didn’t disappoint (it didn’t set the cash registers ringing either). Playing the character of Amarkanth like a gathering storm, Shahrukh again shred his lover boy image to pieces as the  programme executive for the All India Radio. Dil Se was an anti-formalistic flick with songs that raised the story a few notches higher.

Chak De India (2007)

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Three signs you are watching a Shahrukh Khan movie: it’s snowing at the entry, there is a relentlessly loud background score throughout,  the most dramatically cheesy lines are reserved for the always open-armed Rahul. Did you see those signs in Chak de? No. Was that the only reason it was good?  It sure was one of the reasons. Chakde India’s Kabir Khan was the most refreshing role of SRK. Period.

Fan (2016)

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After a decade of worthlessness, since Chak De India, Shahrukh Khan finally gave us what we were so yearning for. A performance that stretches him on his farthest limb and shows us something we haven’t seen before from our King Khan. Gaurav Chandna has left Rahul behind!

Shahrukh Khan is a self-aware superstar who exults being a superstar. And the afore-mentioned roles are a huge scream to connoisseurs who dismiss SRK as ‘just a superstar’

Rohit Raina

Rohit Raina

A writer by chance and leisurely on his way to become a writer by choice, Rohit is either ranting his ire out or talking about the most irrelevant stuff around.
Rohit Raina
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